Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Being a fabulous guest!

When you are invited to someone's place for tea/party/lunch/dinner, do you bring a little something for your host as a 'thank you for having me'? Do you thank them again afterwards? Do you reciprocate and invite them over to your place in return?

Being brought up in an Asian household in the western world, I've been instilled from young to always bring a little something no matter how small and no matter how much the host protests otherwise.

Living here in Stockholm, you meet many expats from many different cultures, and sometimes I am quite amazed by the different etiquette or courtesies some individuals have...

I love inviting people over for catch ups and regularly throw fikas/parties/dinners/lunch. I love a mixture of people gathering together exchanging thoughts and life stories. Sometimes I'll invite someone I've just met and would like to get to know more of or just 'I'm not sure but I'll give you a try'. Those that I like and whom I think have lovely manners, I'll definitely invite over again and again but for whatever reason when you don't get invited back again... Welllllll............  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my parties are that greeeeat, but hey!! I'm a fabulous host, darling and trust me, you'll never go home hungry and if you are one of the last few to leave, you'll be bringing home loads of extra food ;)

So, here are some pointers to start you off for being a fabulous guest:

* always ask if host wants you to bring something for the event 

* always always bring a little gift, no matter how small as a 'thank you for having me'. Don't rock up empty handed just because the host said not to bring anything. It's always so lovely to get a little something, it's a lovely thought don't you think?

* when host requests a plate of something, please don't come with half ass plate of food (a plate of veggies) just enough to feed yourself or one other person or two (when everyone's baking, cooking or bringing wine) or rocking up with 4 little buns from the local grocery store and proceed to eat all the other food everyone else brought. 

* nobody likes a sponge. No matter how generous someone is, nobody likes a sponge

* if someone graciously invite you to their home, it's always nice to return the favor. Don't come up with excuses like,'my place is too small' 'it's too far' 'I'm not working' 'it's not my home' 'it's too messy'. Again, you are being invited into their home, obviously it is your company they sought after, so, it is always lovely to be invited back into your home, no?

* bringing wine to a party and leaving with your half finished bottle. It is just weird and so rude. I had friends back at university doing that which is understandable. We were poor then but we are adults now. Big difference there. 

* bringing cheap alcohol, drinking your hosts alcohol and bringing back your cheap alcohol. So cheap ;p

* thanking them for hosting and being such fabulous host before you leave is of course expected but thanking them again after, have you thought about that? Trust me, saying thank you is free and it's always nice to get it again after as well. (Especially those leaving with boxes of food or those who stay from Fikas to dinners)

* remember, nobody likes a sponge ;p

* have I missed anything, more comments please ;)

So, hoping to see some of you again in 2014!  More fabulous catch ups over a cup of tea or over a plate of food..

For those I kept inviting over and you are always here for some free chow, but I've yet to be invited over to your place for free chows... Well... No pressure... ;p

Until next time, keep staying fabulous!