Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chinese food craving in Stockholm? Pop into Waipo!

Authentic Chinese food is hard to come by in Stockholm.  We used to frequent Restaurang China for the 1/2 price Peking ducks on Mondays, but the last few times we went, the Peking duck were greasy and soggy and the soup were watery and bland and we haven't been back since.  Then my other half kept raving on about how authentic the other Chinese dishes there were, and I went back..  twice... Food were subpar and most of them had the same type of sauce and full of peppery taste.. I know it's a Szechuan Restaurant, but hmm.. I think I can cook better Chinese food at home! ;P

Thankfully, we found this restaurant, Waipo (Which means Grandma in Chinese) which is the sister restaurant to Pong (all you can eat Buffet).  This is slightly higher class than the "All you can eat buffet" at Pong and the price were pretty decent when Bookatable had their promotion all month in November -  295Kr for 5 dishes of food.  The serving size are quite decent.  If you are looking for service though, you can forget it as like most service orientated places in Stockholm... Well.. there is none ;P  To be fair though, one waitress has started to recognise us by face as we have been here many times.  She is quite friendly!  I think I have been here 3 times in the last month or so...

Not surprisingly, they won the Asian Curry Award, UK for Best Chinese Restaurant in the International Category (2013).  Surprisingly, Pong also won the 'Best Buffet' Restaurant.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, there seriously aren't many good Chinese Restaurants around here ;)

I've been meaning to write up about this place and still haven't, after eating there 3 times and always coming out sooooo full and happy, I thought I've better write something nice about it.  So, here it is.. Pictures of the food are from different times we have eaten as well..  Now, I don't want to hear anyone complaining about no decent Chinese food here in Stockholm!

Waipo (just a stone throw away from T-Centralen)

Drottninggatan 25
11151 Stockholm
Tel: 08 – 21 13 01

Very Asian setting but it looks very nice.  There's a bar and comfy couches on the other side.  Most tables have an iPad where you could select your dishes

Bok Choy with enoki mushroom - 65kr .  Very small serving but quite decent taste

Snow crab salad - 65kr.  Strips of fake crab meat stir fried with sliced green beans and oyster sauce?  Not too keen.  Too salty as well
Waipo Cho Fan (Waipo Fried Rice) - 50kr  You'll need some form of rice to eat with all the accompanying dishes and this were pretty decent
Mapo Tofu - 75kr .  Supposed to be very spicy (it wasn't) beancurd with minced pork.  The girl who had it said it wasn't too bad.  but hmm I can't seem to see any minced pork..  Maybe underneath? ;)
This is the comfy section.  See those comfy chairs in the background.  They are HUGE and very comfy! ;)
Piao Xian Ya (crispy duck) - 95kr.  This is quite a nice dish.  The duck are cut into strips.  The skin is crispy and the meat is moist and tender.  It comes served with small pieces of red and green capsicums with a chilli and peanut sauce.  All served on top of a lettuce leaf.  Yum Yum!
That's my Kim Chi Doll Face blowing kisses at her food.  Guess she's happy with hers ;) 
Stir fried sweet potato noodles with thinly sliced vegetables - 65kr One of my favourite dish =)

Two of my favourite dishes which I keep ordering when I'm here..

Jin Si Xia (Prawns coated with deep fried sweet potatoes with a wasabi sauce) - 95kr .  Comes in 2 and they look big and delicious
3 scallops with oyster sauce? with the same sweet potato garnish.. - 95kr The scallops were tender and juicy, but I'm not too keen on how they have set them onto the left corner while drizzling some crappy sauce all over the plate

Why waste so much space?  
Stir fried seasonal mushrooms - 80kr.  Very tasty and definitely a winner
Squid with the same dressing as the crispy duck (they do tend to recycle their sauces unfortunately...) - 85kr The squid were tender, but I wouldn't order it again if I'm ordering the duck.  Why have the same sauce on two different dishes?
Lamb racks with chilli sauce - 95kr.  Reminds me of those yummy lollipop chops!  Really tender and juicy!  Definitely a winner!

Waipo Tian Dian - 85kr.  Yep!  Never too full for dessert!  Here we have red beans, sago, mini rice balls and grass jelly with coconut milk, top with freshly cut strawberries and mangoes and whole raspberry and blackberry.  Quite interesting mixture.  I still haven't decided if I like it or not hehe..

My lovely Asian 'kaki', patiently waiting for our food.  These girls make the days brighter and warmer here in Stockholm =)  Xx