Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gorgeous sunny Saturday, eating around town! =)

This weekend has been fun and I really did eat around town all day today!!  The sun was out and the sun was soooooooooooooooo sunny!!

Firstly, I met a bunch of women for brunch at around 11am in the morning.

It was at this little cozy cafe but darn, it was so popular, there were long queues!  The food looks good..  and I ordered the scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon and toast which was just 100KR.  Pity the freshly squeezed orange juice is 35KR...  (kinda steep ain't it?!)  They have a variety of food from waffles to french toast to breakfast with the works!

Cafe Sirap
Surbrunnsgatan 31  
113 48 Stockholm
08-612 94 19

My super unhealthy breakfast!  Bacon was kind of soggy but definitely too much meat.. I couldn't finish it all =(  But good value for money if you have a hearty appetite..

Then I went off to Kungsträgården, hoping to catch the full cherry blossom bloom... but unfortunately I've missed it this year as the trees are no longer pink.. =(  but there looks to be a festival happening there.. and I scored myself a free yoghurt with some crispy bits and chocolate on the top!

Freebie yoghurt in a little boat...  There's King Carl statue in the background =)  Check out how blue the sky is!

Met the hubby here, and from here, we took a stroll towards Hörtorget where we shared some sushi for lunch (whoops.. I was quite full then!)

Tokyo Diner

We went into the Saluhall searching for the usual sushi joint, but we came across a fancier than normal sushi place (I think it's the same old japanese chef), but it's a bit more 'Swedishfied' with some swedish food added to the menu.  They even hired a few Swedish guys (2 - 3 ) which were just doing absolutely nothing, as the chef made all the sushi.  They took our order, but we had to repeatedly ask them to bring out the soy sauce/plate for our sauce and even drinks...  Seriously bad service.  Why hire so many guys who were just strutting around doing nothing? =P

The food is still quite delicious

Unfortunately, I found some unwelcome surprise in my napkin, after we had eaten and I was flapping open my napkin >_<
Across from the sushi joint is a sweeeeet stall filled with delicious pastry and gelato!

Gelato Bar
111 57 Stockholm

Oodles of sweet Italian pastries to choose from


But we were good.. and only went for a strawberry sorbet ;)

After that, it was time for a movie at the cinema just at the square - Star Trek!  Seriously was so good!!!

The movie was slightly over 2 hours and we went for an hour massage...  After the massage, we decided to have a quick dinner at our old joint on our old street.. =)

Hornsgatan 18  
118 20 Stockholm
08-644 00 15
For starters, we had potato skin which were loaded with melted parmesan and bacon with sour cream and chives.  The extra salt flakes add a little OoOOmph to them..  So delicious!  - 89KR

Just realised I ended up eating more than half of these.. hehe =)

For main, I had the HOT New Orleans mussels with sausages, celery, carrots, tomatoes and onions in a clear soup.  Spicykr and delicious! - 148KR  the boy had the Bacon & Cheese hamburger with chips and a side yummy creamy coleslaw - 175

Yep!  I polished mine up! =)

Excuse me while I go lie down now..  Been a busy crazy day for me today.  I think I've eaten enough to feed a family of five, in just a day...

Till next time!