Friday, June 7, 2013

An Indian wedding in Rayong, Thailand, February 2013, Part 1

I was going through my memory stick and just realised I still have not uploaded the pictures from our trip to Thailand this year.  On route back from Oz to Stockholm, we did a short stopover in Thailand for S's friend's wedding there.  I first met her when S was working in Mumbai and she's the loveliest girl ever.  Was quite glad we managed to squeeze a week of Thailand so we could meet up with her.

I think I last saw her back in 2004 perhaps?  Been a while =)

Her wedding was in Rayong, Thailand, which were like 2 - 3 hours bus trip from Bangkok to the middle of nowhere.  Great place as it's crawling with beach resorts.. but nothing else.  Her wedding lasted for 2 nights which I thought was long, but considerably really short for Indian standard.  Best part was the accommodation and all the food were already paid for, which was a delightful surprise...

The long exhausting journey (another 2 - 3 hours wait at the airport waiting for the catered bus to leave) was well worth it when we were greeted with the magnificient sunset view from our room!

Gorgeous sunset from our balcony of the hotel.  I believe we were the first lot of guests here as it's just newly been open

How beautiful is this...

Zooooming in!

Can't get enough!
Finally the sun is gone...

The little corner in our room with welcoming Indian goodies to taste

Our bathroom with separate toilet and shower.  It's open plan but we could close the glass door connecting to the bedroom

Entering into our bedroom

The foyer of the hotel
Looking out of the foyer (That's where the 2nd day ceremony will take place)
 I heard there were a couple of girls doing henna tattoo.. so, I went off to check it out and hoping to get at least one hand done! =)

Someone had her feet and hand all done in henna tattoo!
Getting my hand done!  Score!!  First time ever! yay!!

Looking out from our window, the lights were madly lit..
 A word of advise.. When they tell you that a function starts at 7pm, a word of advise.  They are still running on Indian time and you wouldn't see a lot of people (mostly foreigners looking lost, or being extremely punctual) until a good 4 - 5 hours later...  So, dinner wouldn't even start until close to midnight.. *faints*

Walking towards the evening Fiesta

Welcome night dinner sign =)  Island Pool View!  Gorgeous!

Following the other guests

Lanterns overhead

More lantern overhead
Like I say.. we were a good 2 hours or so late, and the place was still deserted =P

Which thankfully started to fill up with people

View from the pool

Some entertainers performing throughout the night

Dinner were crazy..  It's buffet style and sooooooo much food!  Some food were cooked in the spot
Was starving by then and with the crowd pushing in for food.. I had to drop my camera and start grabbing my plate!

Looking into the food area

Poor S got really sick after dinner and drinks.  haha.. We went back to the room to snooze for a bit and he went back out for more drinking later.. Unfortunately, after his 'late night' drinking.. He came back and started throwing up at 3am in the morning or so.  I was thinking 'serve him right for drinking'...  but unfortunately it turned into a bout of food poisoning as he was mostly in bed for the duration of the wedding, which was the next 2 days!  Hmph!