Wednesday, May 22, 2013

After 2 years or being the lady of leisure.. Guess who is back at work?!

Today was my first day back at work.  A lot of things sure are happening fast for me this year.  I guess best part of it is when I gained my PR and finally a personal number!  I don't have to keep travelling to and fro to the other side of the world every few months at least! ;)

It's not a full time job however, but I'm so appreciative that a friend got one of my foot in.  At the moment, it's mostly on casual basis where I get called in whenever they need someone to cover, but it's quite interesting experience (deja vu!) as I did meddle in this profession in my first year and a half of university and I couldn't get away from it fast enough!  But boy!  Time sure has changed!!

.... but I think it's been a shock to my system when I came home and collapsed into a deep sleep!

Never been this tired!  Waking up at 7am after nearly 2 years of waking up whenever I wanted.  Wish me luck!


Boy... I'm dying for a nice soak in the bathtub......