Sunday, May 12, 2013

A long weekend in London

Last weekend was a bank holiday in London and I'm pretty glad I went with S for a few days.  London always hold a soft spot for me as I've lived there for nearly 2 years.  I feel sad that most people I know have returned back to Australia, but thankfully there's still a handful of good friends left in London.

Was a good trip!  We ate, we danced, we caught up with some people, we watched the sun set, sunrise and my baby got to ride on a bike!  (although behind one and not actually steering it!)  Overall a pretty good trip!  Although I've only managed to stock up on very very little food stock this time round..

Sunsetting at Putney..  Before heading for Vietnamese food!
All tucked in and ready to ride
Doing a little dance before hand..
Walking along the riverside at Hammersmith
Hammersmith Bridge in the distance...
New leaves poking out, welcoming spring
Hammersmith Bridge... under all the clouds... 
After a night out dancing and returning at about 5 - 6am in the morning.. I was out in my pyjamas watching the sunrise! ;)
View on the other side of the bridge..  Lots of birds... 

Hope we all have a good weekend!  Stockholm sure is warming up loads now!