Sunday, May 12, 2013

Still the best roast duck - Four Seasons, Bayswater, London

One of my wish list in London was to gorge myself senseless and eat as much asian food as I can and what better way than to return to an old haunt at Bayswater.

It's a typical Chinese joint where the service isn't that great, but you are here for the food and nothing else.  Where they'll rush you out once you have finished your meal, by dumping your bill on the table without you asking for it.. and of course basically push you out once you have paid.. uh hum ;p

I met Miss K here for dinner and while waiting in line with S, a couple of guys (non asian) cut through the queue and proceed to head to the front.  Annoyed, I asked loudly "Did they just cut the queue??"  Whoops.. cos they heard and their pathetic excuse was.. "Have you been here before?"  "Because we have been here plenty of times and you don't queue, you just head straight up here and tell them how many people is in your party and they'll tell you when you can return for your table"  Cue my eye rolling , but I explained to them that there's still a queue and yes I've been here plenty of times and yes we are all waiting to advise the waitress how many people are eating and when we could come back.  So freaking rude.  That's one thing which I much admire in Sweden (although it does get annoying) is everyone QUEUES here.  You QUEUE for everything.. even at the butcher, the doctors.. EVERYWHERE...  Courtesy, please!

Four Seasons
84 Queensway 
BayswaterUK W23

The roast duck is simply the best still.  Crispy skin, slightly fatty but juicy and tender meat with pak choi (veg) underneath and swimming with sauce.. yum yum

Stir fried green beans with black bean sauce and pork pieces (or were they chicken?  I couldn't remember ;) )

A small side serve of crispy skin pork!  (with pak choi)  Boy!  I love love love crispy skin pork

Stuffed beancurd with vegetables.. (Stuffed bean curds were pretty pathetic.. as it was just a thumb print size of mixed prawn at the top..  was weird =P ) but still tasty

I love you fooooood!

Had waffles and gelato later on with Miss K (some ice cream place round the corner)

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