Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gorgeous pictures of a couple of May Oo xx's accessories

Last couple of weeks have been busy for me.  Other than 'trying' to apply for jobs online, I have been busy wandering around town with Miss A (the old lady trolley I borrowed off Miss Althea because I miss her so and she's gone for 2 months! =((( ).  Visited a few stores to see if my items will go well.  Lots of disappointment but I met some lovely shop owners and some rude people as well ;)  Thankfully more positive than negative.

I nick name thee, Miss A!

I find that when I go in by myself and start speaking in English, people are a lot friendlier.   When I went on a Saturday (I guess it's their busy day) with Shelah, who started speaking with them in Swedish and introduced me and try and speak in English.. and we got a brush off completely.  I'm talking about this particular bridal store.  I understand you might have a client in house, but a simple 'no thank you' will suffice.  Not a 'We don't have time' 'You are not allowed inside that room if you are not a client'.. Like.. seriously WTF?

Because of that I've decided not to venture into anymore bridal stores.  I'm more in search of little boutiques with whimsical/vintage feel like clothing or just accessories.

And one last little thing.... You'll need to do a lot of follow ups once you have visited a store and gauge that they are genuinely keen on your products.  I prefer if they are respectful of your items.  One store owner, when I gave my consent that she could take out the hats to have a closer look, basically pull out my hats straight from the box and was trying to wear it on her head while looking at the mirror.. hmm...

Anyhow, I found this gorgeous little boutique, Plezuro near St Eriksplan with vintage feel clothing, shoes and accessories.  After wandering around the store, I spoke to the girl in the store, who turned out to be the owner, Johanna and she was lovely to speak to.  I'm quite shy and sometimes have to build up the nerve to approach strangers.. =P  I bet some people will laugh when they read this.  Seriously, I'm a shy soul! =P

Luck had it, she was starting a Bridal theme beginning of May and she was quite keen on my bridal hats and such!  So, yeah!

To cut the story short, I dropped off about 16 items to her store last Friday, and she had a photo shoot on Sunday and emailed through some photos.. So, here they are!  (unfortunately, she wasn't in on the day I dropped the items, and I forgot to tell the girl who was there how to wear some of my items...)

The Yin Yang is supposed to be worn a little lower on the side of the head so people can actually see the details of the hat.. I think she's put the hat way too high ;)  but either way.. the bride still looks great.

Real life couples for the photoshoot.  Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

She's wearing May Oo xx 's ivory satin rose with rhinestone and ostrich feathers hair clip.  Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

She's wearing the Yin & Yang fascinator.  A little too high up ;)  I believe the jewellery and clothing are now in store.  Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

Baby steps, baby steps..  I have to keep reminding myself.  Anyhow, fingers crossed and wish me luck.. I hope people like what I've made..