Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vassa Eggen Steak House - Drop in if you love your meat!

We did a couple of food tasting in the past 2 weeks.... to find the perfect menu for our special function.. =)

Anyhow, we started with Vassa Eggen.  I have to say, it was quite chaotic.  We turned up on the time proposed and the kitchen knew nothing about our 'food tasting' evening but the chef was good enough to whip up the menu that were proposed plus plenty more!

Vassa Eggen Steak House
Birger Jarlsgatan 29

Of course we started with entree shared by 3 of us.  They really went out their best with plenty of food for all.

Top:  Tuna baked in olive oil, bread, salsa, capers, onion, pimientos (was delicious, but the tuna steak felt a bit frozen...), Bottom:  Was more of an asian fusion style.  Carpaccio fish with salad.  Very summery and fresh

Blackened salmon, soy tapioka, cucumber, chili.  Another chilled dish.  Gorgeous gorgeous.  So fresh and tasty

If we had to choose, we would have probably picked the carpaccio or the blackened salmon.  They were both delicious.  We weren't too keen on the tuna, perhaps because the steak tasted a bit too frozen and capers were really not one of my favourite dish =)

The main was seriously the best, I drool just thinking of what were offered.

Main:  Cod with prawn, egg, clarified butter and horseradish.  So typically Swedish.. Fish and potatoes..  Rich and creamy and very very tasty... but the steak of course wins.. HANDS DOWN!
Main:  Flank Steak with Sauce BĂ©arnaise, red wine sauce, garlic- and parsley butter, tomato salad, haricot verts and French fries.  Might not look like much but the meat were very filling and cooked medium rare and so tender!  The condiments complimented the meat, but who cares when the focus is definitely mainly on the meat!  The sauces were delicious as one of us couldn't have red wine, hence they added a couple of different sauces.  I love the creamy truffle sauce! =)

 The dessert was seriously good and quite a huge serving so all 3 of us could share.

Dessert:  Was so sinfully good.  Dark, rich chocolate and slightly frozen brownie with some cherry sauce with cocoa powder dusting.  I was seriously in orgasmic heaven when I bit into this... *swoon!*
Good old Creme Brulee!  Sinfully creamy and with the right amount of crunch at the top.  Was really good on its own, but chocolate wins anytime! =)