Wednesday, December 12, 2012

F12 Studio - If you want something a bit fancier..

Our 2nd choice was F12 Restaurant.  On the evening when we were there, it was snowing.  While dining, we had the pleasure of looking out and watching snowflakes gently floating to the ground.  Everywhere we looked, it was white.  It was such a beautiful sight.  Ahh.. Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas here in Stockholm!

Looking around, the diners were mostly business people, so I guess it is quite fancy.  I believe this is also a Michelin Restaurant.

F12 Restaurant
Fredsgatan 12 
111 52 Stockholm 
+46 (0) 8 24 80 52

To start of with, we had some little tidbits to whet the appetite.  I remembered the middle one were like a fancy version of fish cracker, (which melts in your mouth) and the pink were like some raspberry savoury macaron and the right is some thin wafer with creamy cheese perhaps?  Tasty, tasty and tasty indeed =)

Crackers and bread are a must, and soft soft butter to go with them.  I think I munched loads of cumin seeded sticks. Nom Nom

To start off we had - Venison tartare & oyster muscat pumpkin, chives.  The venison were so tender and goes so well with the creamy sauce at the bottom.

Jerusalem artichoke à la crèmeapple, persley.  Was basically a creamy soup.  Was a small bowl but I felt really full after polishing up the whole bowl.  The apple pieces in the soup were quite interesting =)

Cod from lofoten & anchovy farm´s egg, winter vegetables - Soft fresh cod with poached egg in a foamy sauce.  The winter vegetables consist of mini crunchy eggplant like vegetable and some sliced red pieces of some sort of vegs which I couldn't place.  After the last creamy bowl of soup, this was a bit much..  The fish was fresh but slightly bland.  I couldn't finish it as it was too rich for me

This was refreshing after the fish.  This is made of 3 layers.  The bottom is some jelly with bits of crackers in the middle and some cream at the top.  It really does cleanse the palette! =)

To finish off we had white coffee ice cream, meringue, cherries, chocolate.  - The white dollop at the top is actually white coffee ice cream, on the other side is a smaller dollop of chocolate ice cream with a piece of meringue at the bottom..  Lots of flavour, crunchy, sweet, sour and of course cold!..  yum! =)

Ohhh wait..  There's more?  An array of chocolates..  We were supposed to only have two each... but...

I  managed to score us one of each! =)   Left to right:  hazelnut chocolate, raspberry jelly, peanut butter chocolate, dark chocolate, minty meringue and some truffle which I couldn't remember...  They were all yummy! =)

Guess which one we picked?!!

Anywaz, until next time..

Happy Eating and have a Merry Merry Christmas/Holiday!!