Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Wish List...

Well, since it's Christmas and all, I thought I'll jot down some items I have been lusting for.  Afterall, my childhood was deprived.  I've never written a "Dear Santa" letter and even if the big jolly man is real, he has never got me what I truly wanted when I was a kid ;)

Here goes!

1.  Sewing Machine (functional and not too fancy)
2.  Camera Lens for Canon (I want one which allows me to zoooooom in...) maybe a new camera =(
3.  MONEY!  Cash is always good!  In £, AU$, KR.. =D  and I'm really picky with gifts and travel too much.... so, money is always good, yeah? =)
4.  Jewellery .. Good quality with lots of sparkles... Enough said!
5.  Personal number so I can go back to school and relearn my Swedish
6.  A JOB!!  OMG!!  Give me a job soon... 1 year of pottering around and not working is seriously killing my brain cells!
7.  My website up and running...........  Miss A, I hope Santa pokes your butt!
8.  Start selling my wares at shops here in Stockholm in 2013!
9.  Good health and happiness!

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle All the waaaaaay!!