Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gifts advise for brides and grooms.. especially asian heritage ;)

With weddings happening everywhere...  Just a word of advise to brides and grooms to be.  ALWAYS ALWAYS have a gift registry... if you already have all the household items, always ask for cash from well meaning wishers...

If you have neither a gift registry, you are going to get a lot of duplicate items and even if you advise your guests not to bring anything, they will still bring something for you... and you will end up with either useless presents or more duplicate items...

and please if you are attending a wedding, anyone would always appreciate money gifts.. especially asian couples.. Trust me ;)

A handmade little bouquet made of red and pink roses - Thanks, YouTube!

A little hat for the bride to be - Pinkish beige with french lace and handsewn rhinestones on white buckram.  All steam and moulded on a round hat block.  Flower on top is made from white goose feather.  All 100% handmade =D