Sunday, November 11, 2012

This weekend, Day 4 & Day 5 of the Stockholm Film Festival

Weekend should be a day of rest.  I'll need to remember that... On Saturday, we had a busy day spending at Mitt Kök, where I gorged myself silly with free 'tasterr' food at the food festival... and not to mention the yummy fresh oysters we bought near the festival =)

Then I had to rushed back into the city and managed to get into the cinema to watch 'Sister'' which I knew was a french film.  While managing to score a free seat (there were people having to sit on the stairs as it was fully booked), I then realised the film is in French and the subtitle is in Swedish.  Neither language I was good at.  Fortunately, I have dabbled in both languages.. =P  or should I say, fortunately, the movie does not need much conversation for the audience to get an idea what is going on.

What a beautiful story about a 12 year old boy who supported himself and his 'sister' by stealing from tourists at the ski resort - from ski jackets, to skis...  It's quite touching seeing how responsible he is compared to his older 'sister' who has absolutely no direction in life and watching and guessing the relationship between them two..

Face 2 Face interview with the director, Ursula Meier
I love the bright red back drop of the cinema
Ursula Meier
 Today, I had my first experience in taking pictures of a 'red carpet' event for Amour.  I had to say it was a bit disorganised as I was there 1/2 hour early to get direction from someone from the photography area.  4.30pm came and went, and then it's 5 o'clock and we started snapping away, just playing by ear =P  The theatre was nearly filled up, and when I was about to leave, the head photographer and her assistant turned up.. 'to give us direction'... Thanks guys =P

Skandia Cinema..  So red, it reminds me of the red district ;)
The queue forming for the movie 'Amour' 
Getting some inspiration from the puddle of water on the ground...
The Jamieson bar
The queue forming for the free alcoholic drinks.. yum yum!
Eenie Meenie Mienie Mo.. Which poison should I pick?
I love how he's acting so cool when he knew I was taking a picture of him ;)
More audience arriving..
Strike a pose with your drinks please..

These two are from the Film Industry... 

Sitting in with the audience so we could take pictures of the advertisements...  This is Nikon, a huge sponsor for the Film Festival!
Stockholm Festival!
Announcing the winner of the Jamieson competition.. I think?  Well.. it's some kind of competition and my Swedish ain't that flash ;(
The winner.. It was over so quick, I barely had time to register a quick click... which I mucked up really badly.. Whoops =(

This is definitely the nicest cinema theatre I have been to here in Stockholm..  It's huge 

 Only a few more days left of the Film Festival.. and I'm pretty happy to say I have watched about 4 and a bit films!  Hoping to watch more in the next few days!

Till next time!