Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New felt hat.. sooo purrrfect for autumn!

I love the beginning of autumn when trees are filled with such beautiful vibrant colours of red and gold, but my heart gets heavier when the colours change to yellow and slowly they flutter down to the ground..  Now some of the trees are bare and look dead, getting ready for the cold winter.

When autumn came I decided to dust out my clouche hat block which I've only 'tried' using once.  I don't think I really like the shape as I think I prefer a brim... But here's the end result.

I love red, so, had red felt hood which I steamed and blocked on to the hat block.  As the block is  all one piece I had a hard time trying to stretch and pull the felt properly..

I had some trimmings I bought from Paris recently and thankfully it was long enough to go around the hat and made a little bow and I've also attached a vintage pearl button.  I think it looks quite cute, but it feels a bit tight around my head... (I think I have a big head, but I've measured and it's about 22 inch which is what the average size is?  I think my head feels bigger than normal as I have 'boofy' hair hehe) but I'm sure it'll stretch.

Putting through more orders for felt hoods, so, can't wait for them to arrive so I can start making and hopefully sell!

Loving the beautiful colours outside the window