Friday, November 9, 2012

Stockholm Film Festival, 3 days in...

It's been 3 days into the film festival and I've used my camera approximately 3 times.  I borrowed Ms G's hubby's lense but after the first night, I decided to revert back to my original lense (it might have the lowest aperture at 5.6 (his could go down to 2.8), but I miss the longer zoom in I could get from my own lense...

Been quite horrible taking pictures in the dark, I have to say I haven't been too happy with most of the pictures I have been taking, but I'm learning to be slightly pushy and placing myself anywhere I want in the theatre hehehe

First night.....

Guess who?  Close up and personal with Willem Dafoe, who's in Bob Wilson's Life & Death of Marina Abramovic
Q & A with the director and actor.  I think Willem look like he's having a quick doze there ;)

On the same night, I had to wait for a few hours to the next movie (I was stupid as I did not go in and watch but waited outside!)

Eva Sørhaug, The director waiting for Face 2 Face (Q&A) outside while getting comfortable ;)
Face 2 Face Interview with the director, Eva Sørhaug of 90 minutes (a Norwegian movie)
2nd night, I was supposed to be taking pictures for 2 movies, but one got cancelled.  The 2nd one finished at around 11.15pm and I managed to watch 1/2 hour of this the movie, 7 boxes which is in Spanish.  It's was quite interesting..  Was quite enjoyable and people were laughing quite a bit!

Juan Carlos Maneglia, Director

L to Right:  The interviewer, The translator, The director... , not sure who the dude is to the right, but I think he's one of the staff ;P
Listening to the audience asking questions 
Taking pictures with a fan (he looks really friendly and lovely!)

Not bad looking, eh?

Loving how he looks at my camera when I took a picture of him..  I feel like a paparazzi!!
The third day, my session was at around 16:30, but this time I decided to watch the movie first hand, but as usual, I got lost and was about 15 - 20 minutes late, but I managed to watch '3.2.1. Frankie go Boom'. A bit quirky with Mr Big from Sex and the City playing a crazy father of the girl Frankie couldn't get it up with at first and later on slept with.  Unbeknown to them, they were being videotaped by Frankie's older brother, who wants to be a director..  Quite a comedic show but I couldn't get Mr Big out of my head.. He was always so polish and suave in Sex & The City!  Here he was playing the gun loving, shoot first, answer question later washed up star who is overly protective of his little girl!  Frankie on the other hand reminds me slightly of a younger Heath Ledger, which makes me sad =(

The Face to Face was kind of interesting as they did the interview via Skype!  yep!

Face 2 Face interview with the director, Jordan Roberts

The big screen and the laptop screen to the right!

Happy Happy, Joy, Joy!

This ends Day 3 of the film festival!  I've still got 5 more days to go, so please wish me luck!  ;)