Sunday, November 25, 2012

Koy Shunka - Japanese food in Barcelona ;)

I know.. Shocking, Shocking!!  But we really couldn't resist...  We intended to eat as much fresh seafood as possible while there, and what better way to enjoy than sampling the Japanese menu there on top of all the tapas we were gobbling down.. *gobble* *gobble* ;)

We were there for a few days.. S was there for work, and I dropped in for the weekend..  Pity the weather was a lot colder than I expected.  Not sure what I was thinking when I started packing all my little summery dresses, and ended up all bundled up in jeans and long sleeved tops and scarves ;)

At Koy Shunka, we picked their €74/person menu set, which consist of about 10 different types of dishes, inclusive of dessert.  Drinks of course were on top of that price..  It's so cheap in Barcelona compared to in Stockholm ;(  Seriously, we had an enjoyable meal.. So fresh and so tasty.  Highly recommended!

Koy Shunka
c/ copons, 7
08002 barcelona
tel. (+34).934.127.939  (reservas / bookings)

This was part of the appetiser, miso soup, with a little glass on top of a saucer..

Deep fried crisps with miso sauce

Raw white fish with miso sauce.. was really delicious.  I love how all their plates compliment the dishes served..

Raw scallops with Swedish turnip.  The scallop were sliced thinly and was delicious..  I love the jelly like noodle which seemed to have been infused with miso.. yum yum!

Autumn 'Minori' - Fried herring with shiitaki mushrooms (i think they were marinated with teriyaki sauce).  I love the popcorn like wheat which I lightly scraped with my chopsticks and they drop down and picked up easily to be eaten! =)

Japanese noodles "Somen" in "Dashi" stock. - Love the stock!  So flavoursome!  and I didn't mind sucking on the prawn head, as there were loads of meat in there!... I'm hungry just looking at the pictures.. ;(

The sake shared by the boys!!

I guess I licked my bowl clean and left the head ;(  *blush*

Sashimi - There were salmon, tuna, squid and another type of fish, which I couldn't make out what they were... but they were so fresh, I couldn't get enough!  and the crispy seaweed was quite good as well...  Check out the plate!  

Beautiful colours and display

Grilled Flat Fish "Pinchos" 2 per person.  Reminded me of 'Satay' style ;)

I know I would have got told off by mum if she has seen this.. =P

Lightly roasted "Toro", brown rice with fresh wasabi flavour.  The rice had pieces of mushrooms and the dried seaweed makes it look all pretty...

I ate every morsel.. as they were so delicious!!...  How cool is the plate??  It's the Japan Flag!  I didn't noticed till I finished my food haha =)

 "Wagyu" served on their hot plate!
Yummy sushi..  We had to eat from right to left!  and boy!  The eel for last was definitely the tastiest sushi on the plate!    The prawn head was filled with meat as well!  So, yep!  more sucking and picking out the head for me ;)

and of course dessert...  It's some chocolate cake with fresh berries.. which I thought was so 'unjapanese' haha =)

Chefs in action

The display
 By the end of the night, the boys were drunk.. and I was sooo stuffed.. I had to waddle down the street!