Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Korean eatery in Stockholm - Korea House

Bad rainy weather today, but I managed to brave the wet and cold and attended a foodie meetup with a couple of people at this Korean place.  I know some people refuse to eat Korean food in Stockholm as they are usually expensive and not very authentic.. but for me, as long as it's spicy and on special, I'm happy ;)

It's pretty empty at 11.30am, but come 12pm, the whole place is so crowded, you wouldn't be able to find a place to sit, but 15 minutes later, when I looked up, the place is half empty as most people came, ate within 15 minutes - 30 minutes and are gone.  We sat and talked after lunch and left at about 1pm, and the place is virtually empty.

So, my advise, come around 11.30am or after 1pm, you'll miss the lunch crowd and can pick wherever you want to sit =)

Dagens (special) for Tuesday is either the chicken or Chap Che (potato noodles and beef) for KR85 and a couple of us picked Chap Che while someone else picked the chicken.  I didn't take a picture of it as it looks kind of 'boring'

Chap Che is so so.. passable, but can't compare to the ones I used to eat back in Oz.. My brother's wife who is Korean, her mum made the best chap che.. as her noodle is so smooth and slightly chewy and she puts spinach in them.. So much tastier!  I guess you can't compare here!!

Korea House
Ynglingagatan 13;
113 47 Stockholm

'Bar' at Korea House

Tuesday Special 'Chap Che' and it came with rice as well, which we weren't expecting.... (the noodles came with beef slices and stir fry vegetables and chinese mushrooms)
Complimentary 'salad' which you could take as much as you like
The food was tasty but was missing something, so we asked for chilli sauce which made the food really delicious!  Comes with complimentary salad, coffee and Korean tea
Until next time, bon appetite!