Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cute little Cafe - Cafe Tjärlek

After eating such a huge lunch, and sitting around in the restaurant chatting and watching people coming and going, it was a miracle we were still able to run off for an afternoon tea straight after but I'm so glad we did!

Stepping into the cafe, I was quite excited as it is.  The place is cozy and the interior is so cute.  They have a variety of cakes in the cake display and a room at the back which is just... purrrrfect for a small party! =)

The lady who owns the cafe, Dinah Gärtner is Fillipino and is so friendly and warm.  They have brunch on Sunday for just 155KR - It's mostly Swedish food and dumplings, but I heard the homemade dumplings are delicious!  I think twice a week, they have some sort of band playing.  Sounds like quite a happening place to be! =)  Needless to say, Miss A is ecstatic!

Cafe Tjärlek

Tjärhovsgatan 19 , 11628 Stockholm
Tel: 08-46004045
Cake display and counter..
Apologies for the blurriness!  But you get the idea.. I thought the wallpaper is kinda cute!  The exterior room is great dining area
From here, there's another room at the back, which is quite cozy and very homey feeling!
There's a piano at the back and tables and chairs for people to enjoy their cuppa
We had a variety of cakes to splurge on.  There's cheesecake on the top left, and some yummy nutty cake on the right (which Miss A said is very Fillipino and the bottom is chocolate cake)
The lovely ladies.. and my red hat!!
We got some complimentary toasted sandwiches from Dinah.  Isn't she lovely??!!!
 Seriously can't wait to return!!