Thursday, June 7, 2012

Restaurang Himlen, Stockholm's Skybar

It's been really busy for us these past few weeks...  Firstly, a few days in Tuscany, then a week in London and most recently S's friends were here for the long weekend and we spent two nights in Uto.

I'm just so exhausted and missed our home and my spot on our couch very much.  So, first thing first.. I'm comfortably sitting on my spot on our couch as I type this *beams*..  Ahh bliss!!!

I guess we have better enjoy the peace and quiet for the next couple of weeks as we'll be spending the Summer holidays at Malmo learning.. yep!  Swedish!!  I know, finally right?!!  Please wish us luck!!

While S's friends were here, there were loads of going out, and basically showing them what Stockholm has to offer (it's a pity the past weekend they were here, Stockholm was having loads of rain!!  So, not too fun!)

One of our highlights, well.. My highlight anyway, is the dinner at Restaurang Himlen.  I guess the good and the bad with Stockholm is, you can't really find any skyscrappers here, so, this is basically one of our 'highest' view.. where you could see the whole of Stockholm.  (pity it was pouring and misty when we were there ;))

We have been here a few times, but mostly for drinks where it gets really packed each night.  This time around, we booked the sitting area for 'dessert' with the thought that we'll have dinner at Pelikan (for their Swedish meatballs!), which unfortunately was a no go as when we arrived, they were fully booked!  Thankfully for fall back plans, right?!

Absolutely love the ambience and the food and not to mention the drinks.  While some of them piled on the alcohol, I opted for the mocktail which was really tasty and refreshing!  The food were delicious, but slightly on the pricier side

Normal people capture themselves and their friends, posing, smiling in front of the camera..  Me?  I opt for either food... or the ceiling!

But ain't they pretty??  Beats any boring 'smiling faces' pictures right??

Strawberry Dream Mocktail - Strawberry, lemon, sugar and soda!  (68KR) and that's Sam, giving me the 'WTF are you doing, woman!' look hehe =)

Bread and butter..

This main was seriously to die for!  Tenderized rib eye (was so juicy and tender although slightly salty, which is understandable as this is Sweden.. but OMG..  I could eat the whole plate!) served with truffled potato puree (so smooth and creamy!), truffle french cheese (melted), grilled vegetable (broccoli, cauliflower and onion)  and tarragon butter sauce.  There were also pieces of sausages which were really good - 375KR

and dessert was Rhubarb with chocolate, hazelnuts and peach ice cream - 95KR.  The display was gorgeous, and I love the bits and pieces of hazelnuts strewn across the whole plate.  Needless to say, I polished up the whole plate.

I'm just wiping off the drool off my face at the moment..

Until next time..