Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is this a yellow canary??

No... it's what I made yesterday!  Remember that yellow flower from my previous posts?  Well, this one has also been turned into a hairclip/brooch!

Yellow satin flower with 3 curled peacock feathers attached at the back and a pearl like and crystal button to complete the flower.

Haven't made much at all this week, which is disappointing..  Yesterday we had a party, and we are continuing the party today..  *sigh*  Why is it when we invite people over, I have to always end up cleaning after people?  At least these lot from yesterday were older and they know not to put their beer bottles onto our glass table!  I *hate* uncouth people who just bang their glasses/bottles on the glass table even though there are coasters just lying around...  Helloooo?  I bet they wouldn't have done it in their own home =P

hehe.. Ok.. enough whinging =)

Weekend coming up!  Yay!!