Monday, June 18, 2012

Omg.. Hung over!!!

Ok.. I'm actually jesting!
Those who know me know how low my tolerance of alcohol is.. Back in my early 20s, where I was an all night party go-er (hehe I'm such a hoot! I really wasn't one ;p).. But you know at that age where you feel invincible. Finally finished university, moved out, found a job (finally a steady income instead of the $10 weekly I was getting from dad and the unpredictable income from my casual job at the Convention Centre) At that age I felt so invincible and so independent!

Anyhow I digress! Back to my all night partying and drinking prowess! I was given the nick name of 'bottle neck'... It really shouldn't be something I should write about! You know how I got the nickname?? Do you know those girly drinks ladies love to suck on all night - Bacardi breezer which came in assorted flavours.. My favourite at that time was watermelon..

Anyhow after one too many drinks and one too many late night hangouts with my work colleagues and friends at that time, I realised I wasn't much of a drinker. True, I'm one of those who nurse a drink all night.. But I had this ability of 'passing out' dead drunk with a beet root face after just a few sips (literally just barely clearing the bottle neck of the Bacardi breezer) *cries*

After all these years, the name still stung! But my tolerance seems to have deteriorate.. But to be honest, I'm mindful of how much I drink and only when my partner is around (with a pounding headache to boot, he's the best at giving me a head massage!)...

Unfortunately, I was at a Swedish housewarming yesterday by myself and had a little too much sip of these pear cider which was about 3.5% alcohol.. It was so refreshing and crisp! At least I didn't pass out! But it made me all happy, giggly and just all bubbly! Very champagne like I was!

I also made a mistake of having a cuppocino for dinner, basically after eating continuously from 2pm - 6pm.. And boy! I couldn't sleep till after 4am!

Woke up just slightly before 9am and with a pounding headache! Unfortunately my head masseur has left for his day job *sobs*

Should I say no more alcohol for a while??? Or no coffee???

I think I'm going to drag my sorry ass back to bed