Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spending time in the archipelagos - Utö and ålö, Sweden

With Sean's friends coming over from London to escape the rain and cold.  We thought we'll show them the highlights of Stockholm and perhaps spend a couple of nights at the archipelago as we heard Utö is absolutely beautiful during the summer.

We definitely showed them the highlights of Stockholm.  All the rain and cold for 2 whole days straight!  We went out late partying at Berns and came back home at 6am in the morning.. but that's another story altogether ;)

It was a struggle getting up the next day and catching the ferry to Utö.  We decided to catch the 1pm -ish ferry to Utö and rang up a taxi to take us all to the ferry (instead of catching the train and bus)

It was fairly cloudy the day we left Stockholm and to be honest, I was worried about it being all rain and wet while we are out there...

Dark dark weather to match my dark dark soul...  

OK.. I jest.. it wasn't that dark, but still fairly dark... Our ferry - Waxholm II (wonder what happened to Waxholm I??)

Loads of clouds.. but on the bright side of things, the sky looks sort of blue on the other side!

Nothing to write about in the ferry.  All I remembered was snoozing until I got woken up with a jolt as we have finally landed in Utö.  We arrived slightly after 3pm, which means no grocery for us as the local ICA shuts at 3pm on the weekend.  We had to run to their only restaurant for some quick nourishment..  Thankfully the kitchen was willing to open for us for lunch (even though the kitchen shuts at 3pm)...

Starter was 4 types of herrings - which came with cheese and potatoes.  Was delicious the different flavoured herrings - SEK124

The view outside the restaurant from the window... I don't quite like the clouds!  The white dots in the clouds were birds flying..

Sonja had the fancy dish - Grilled veal steak with green pepper, coarse dijon mustard & tarragon sauce served with anya potatoes - SEK276

Couple of us opted for lunch special which was the Schnitzel with lemon and steak cut potatoes - SEK100

and the other couple of us had the Salmon with potatoes (the salmon was actually cooked in such a way it looks cured..) was quite interesting.. - SEK155

We finally got a taxi which drove us all the way to ålö, which is the farther island from Utö..  Here we are.. just enjoying the sunshine on the deck!

Cute little windmill just behind the house, on the deck..

Our dining area... looking out to the 'busy' road
 I guess our first night there was quite quiet (afterall, we were lacking sleep)...  All I remembered doing was napping quite a bit around the cabin.. (from the lounge to the room, and back out in the lounge) Trying to find a warm spot and always someone trying to get the fire/heating going.

The next morning, we woke up to more blue sky and sunshine!  We were so happy!  Unfortunately, we came out at around noon-ish, but decided to explore our island a bit and get to the sea...

Our cabin (which fits 6 of us.. but I think it could fit up to 8 in here)

We took a stroll and walked past some farm houses.. such busy road, can't you tell??

and venture out to be with nature...

and everything nature has to offer...

We even saw some cows grazing, lazing and just basically soaking up some Vitamin D

Walking hand in hand..

The laggers behind..

Just us and nature.. and some sign posts

and some dung beetle.. big ones at that!
and finally.. we got to what we were looking for... the sea...

Just the fresh smell of the sea.. and some dead seaweed.. yuck! hehe

Posers at front! ;)

Ahh.. so peaceful and so warm... with the gentle breeze...

With such fresh air.. I think S has grown a bit since we left Stockholm ;)  Look how tall he is!!

Some daisies among those weeds

Our little feet!

There's even a bench waiting by the beach...

Little Anton sitting on top of 'Gulliver', Sam

Hand.. in... hand... ;)  Me and S!
 Anywaz.. our second day past lazily by... We went back to town to grab a quick lunch from the local ICA and some food for BBQ..

We spent the day, drinking, napping and BBQ-ing..

Our feast for the evening..  Steaks, sausages, pork kebabs, salad, corns etc etc.. It was quite a feast!  That's Sam waving madly, probably telling me to stop snapping and come eat! hmph!!
 Again, with a huge feast, comes more napping, lounging around and watching TV... before we all went back to roost.. and woke up early the next morning to catch our early ferry back out to Stockholm!

Waiting for our ferry...

My reflection! Yoo-hoooo!

I love how blue and green everything here is.. and so warm in the sun!

That's luggages for 6 people!

Is that our ferry?  

The island was getting crowded, as more ferries were dropping off loads of other passengers..  

Another ferry coming in..

Sonja waiting patiently..

Finally leaving Utö behind...  *sniff*  I felt a pang of sadness...

Can't believe we are heading towards the clouds.. away from the blue sky *cries*

1 couple shot - Still cold, but the sun was warm!

Another couple shot!

Last couple shot!

and this is how the story goes all the way back home!

Utö was lovely lovely... Hoping to come back again, but this time when there's more people around (which means more restaurants will be open!)...  I was quite happy there weren't that many people around, but unfortunately, less people = less restaurants open = hungry us...

Was  a lovely and relaxing few days nonetheless...

Happy Weekend all!