Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My friends, Jack & Chris...

They are such lovely people and I'm glad I have them in my life!  I've always wanted to put a picture or two or three ... (you get the drift) of their humble abode in London.

So cozy and very homely.  I've only managed to stay for a couple of nights at their place this time, but seriously, how cool is their pad??

I love the sitting area.. and Jack tends to change (remove or add) more cushions or different furnitures or more ornaments ;)

The seats are definitely fit for the King and Queen!!
Peek-a-boo!!  Can you see me?!

What's Jack Cooking!!  It's 'Mak Chok!' - our dessert.. and you can see the pandan leaves boiling in there!

There's a balcony here where Jack's green thumbs potter and plant all the greens around

Peeking in from the balcony

My good host busy preparing dinner.. doing a sexy pose ;)

Ahhh...  Taking a little break here ;)
Enjoying the warm weather...  Was getting a nice tan from sitting out here
More living room picture

View from the side...
How lovely is the view from their balcony?

You can see the stadium from a far!
Jack's busy preparation for dinner

A huge bowl of seafood curry laksa and a glass of juice *rubs belly*

I love catching up with either Jack or Chris.. cos... it always involve food and you know me and food.. *love* *love* *love* hehe