Friday, June 7, 2013

An Indian wedding in Rayong, Thailand, February 2013, Part 2

The morning after was good for me.  I woke up fine and happy to go for breakfast/brunch which were open to us till quite late.

Unfortunately, S was still extremely sick.. and being the dutiful wife, I brought back yoghurt for him to have for brunch, thinking that the bacteria from the yoghurt will be good for him.  Bad choice..  After consuming it, there was another round of vomitting and what not..  Whoops!

The wedding continued the next day, with a couple of ceremonies happening.  I had no idea what was going on, but I made my rounds checking them.  There were also some quick massages for guests of the wedding which I took advantage of =)

I popped into one of the ceremonial rooms and checked out what was going on..  I think the bridegroom is Punjabi and the ceremonies were more Punjabi, as when I asked the bride's mother what it symbolises, she had no idea hehe

In the morning, the bride was on the ground surrounded by people and there were lots of chanting going on...

My pictures were taken on my SLR and iPhone.. Guess which is which .. ;)

She managed to give me a huge grin though!
When I came back during lunch time, there were still activities in the rooms, but at least she's no longer on the ground.  I must have came back close to the end of the ceremony...

Mother of the bride.  She looked so young! =)

Got a shot in with her! =D

There were loads of Indian sweets and snacks outside waiting to be consumed as well..

Had no idea what they were, but they did look interesting..

People were dressed in so much colours... =)  Flowers with patterns outside the rooms..

The bride had so many gold chains, bells and sorts hanging from both hands...
She had the nicest henna tattoo all over her hands and feet! =) 

and off she went back to her room to prepare for the next step of her ceremony

Outside the rooms
So, after watching the bride leaves, I went for some shoulder and neck massage while admiring my henna tattoo!
Soon, the drums start playing and the crazy dancing begins...

I believe the men started dancing first... as these lot came out from the men's room

More dancing and singing...

Then the ladies joined in and did lots of swirling and dancing in circles

It went for hours.. I wasn't joking!

I love how colourful everyone was...  Nearly got blinded! =)

But it's quite interesting.. and I couldn't stop grinning when watching them swirling about

Then they stop dancing and watch, and dance and watch and it kept continuing for a while
Until.. finally the groom makes an appearance..
The drummer

This guy sure could dance like a mad man.. 

Voila.. The groom appears... dressed in some veil made from gold and diamonds =p

And started dancing with everyone...

Someone actually explained that, the groom is trying to get married but I think his friends were trying to stop him, asking him if he's sure..   hence all the dancing, but they were all making their way to the ceremony area..  Surely, but EXTREMELY slowwwwwly

More head flipping with that veil =P

I thought it was getting ridiculous =P

Yep, more head tossing

You looking at me? 

Loving all the colours =)

Mother of the bride..  She changed as much as the bride ;)
A guest sitting down, watching all the dancing...

Was a lovely evening..  Warm but with a slight breeze

Waiting outside were buggies waiting to pick up those who couldn't walk to the ceremony site..

So, I decided to take a slow walk towards there instead of sitting around watching them dance..
The ceremony place was on top of a little hill and looked really pretty with the sun about to set..

All the flowers beautifully decorated on the ground

The Marriott Hotel..  Looking so magnificient.. =)

The dancing party slowly making their way up ...

There were of course lots of snacks and drinks for the guests.. from finger sandwiches to sausage rolls etc

To cakes and fruits..

Admiring my floral bracelet on my hennaed hand =P

Seating area for the guests

I was running around with bare feet.  The grass was so soft =)

Finally, the groom party arrives

That guy was still dancing crazily.  No wonder he's so skinny!

Charms made from flowers swinging lazily in the air...

People slowly sits down...

Finally, the gorgeous arrives...  holy smokes.. Check out her accessories and dress =)

Looking absolutely radiant!

Then, an exchange of flower wreaths...  The groom is still flipping his veil...

Seriously, that veil.....

He's really tall.. and she's tiny!

While being rained with flowers from everyone

I guess that's the equivalent of 'You May Kiss the Bride!' 
and the veil goes a swinging...

Swinging wildly...

He's a-flipping his veil again... hehe

There he goes.. hehehe

One last photo before they made their way to the tent

The lovely bride and her mother...

The groom is already seated on his chair in the tent

That's the father's bride standing up in the tent with the groom, while the bride makes her way in

Son-in-law and father-in-law

I wasn't sure what was happening, but there were lots of loud chanting for a while.. but to be honest, I thought it was quite short.  I was advised later that, usually the chanting/ceremony would have gone for hours and hours but was bribed to keep it short and sweet.. *phew*

From dusk...

To nightfall...

Family picture

Looks like the ceremony is finally over

Thank gawd the veil is off as well =)

The beautiful bride and groom

Then finally, we moved indoors for dinner...

The wedding cake

The reception area

The bride in yet another fabulous outfit cutting the cake with her groom

That's one massive knife!

Dinner buffet was a mixture of Indian & Thai food

Mr S finally with one of his rare appearance after suffering 2 days from food poisoning..

Until next time...