Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organic and fairtrade products at a good price - Kate's Organic Market, Hornstull, Stockholm

I have been pretty busy last few weeks, which unfortunately means I've neglected my creative side of things.  I still haven't had a chance to follow up with my items at the stores.

Between keeping in touch with old and new friends, working at one job at a school which is thankfully on summer vacation (but bad as I don't get paid), I've also started  another job today (which is only 4 hours a week!).  I'm also attending SFI for Swedish twice a week.  I guess my leisure life is coming to an end.  Life will definitely be extremely busy for me come August, as I will be busy juggling two jobs.  I will still find time to get creative as I'm saving up to purchase a sewing machine as I have to start designing and working on my Autumn/Winter accessories soon!

Anyhow I digress.  Let me get back to what I originally wanted to write about!

Kate's Organic Market

  • Heleneborgsgatan 42
  • 11732 Stockholm, Sweden

Mon - Thu12:00 - 20:00
Fri12:00 - 18:00
Sat10:00 - 16:00
(I think opening hours will be longer after summer holidays)

This lovely organic shop opened not long ago near our humble abode.  I've watched it started with hardly any products on shelf to slowly become a packed place where I could just pop over to buy anything.  They stock loads of stuff and everything in there are either organic and/or fairtrade.  The owner, Kate and her husband Emmanuel both run the shop and are lovely and friendly.  Kate is from Canada and found love with a Swedish man.. and the rest as they say it, is history!  Sometimes you'll see their daughter and baby around the shop as well!

They carry stuff like tea (boxed such as clipper brand etc or loose leaves which they measured and packaged into 100g bags - extremely good value for money) and coffee, spices (most are loose, which you can purchase according to however much weight you need), rice (basmati, jasmines etc), sauces, pastas, chocolates (some fabulous chocolates for sure!) and loads more.  You could get your daily items such as fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, bread (which gets delivered daily from the local baker).  They also have beauty products for your head to toe (and for children as well!) and even laundry detergent!

Do pop on over if you are in the area and if you want something and it's not in store, speak with Kate as she will always find ways to get the products you want ;)

RAW Chocolate Ice cream!  I tasted this and was surprised at how delicious it is!  No preservatives or anything, it's made from water, cashew nuts, coconut sugar, cold pressed coconut oil, cinnamon, cardamon and real vanilla and it's soooo chocolate-y!!

Peeping in from one of the large window

A lighted sign and the entrance into their magical world! ;) 

Until then!