Friday, June 14, 2013

Sink your teeth into these bacon, zucchini, carrots & spinach mini muffins

For a pot luck picnic tomorrow.  Hopefully the day will be sunny as it's been a weird day today where one minute it was pouring with rain and the next it's sunny as anything!

So, here's what I got up to...  The original recipe was for proper sized muffins but unfortunately I couldn't find my normal sized muffin pans but I had a few mini sized pans.  So, this recipe has been adjusted.


(1st bowl)
*  2 cups of sifted flour (I didn't have any self raising flour!!)
*  2 1/2 tsp of baking powder (so, I added baking powder.. I think it's supposed to be 1 tsp of baking powder to 1 cup flour)
*  1 cup of grated cheese (gouda, parmesan.. anything you want really)
*  Salt & pepper to taste

(2nd bowl)
*  1 egg
*  125g of melted butter
*  1 cup of milk

Extra ingredients  (You can add whatever you feel like having.  I did make a first batch but I left them in there for too long and the temperature was too high.  Originally had bacon, carrots and asparagus)
*  Chopped bacon (had about 5 strips)
*  1 cup of minced zucchini and carrots (I mixed them up)
*  1 cup of roughly chopped spinach

**  A handful of grated cheese to sprinkle at the top

Firstly, turn oven to 90 degrees (Usually it should be around 160 degrees but our oven gets hot really quickly.  So, I had to half the heat and make the baking time slightly less.  Also, I'm using mini pans so, they should turn brown quick)

Then, add all items from 1st bowl together.  Make sure cheese are not stuck together and nicely coated with flour.  Leave aside

Whisked 2nd bowl together.  Leave aside.

Fry bacon, then add in zucchini and carrots and stir fry until soft, then throw in spinach

Then, take pan off and let cool a bit.

Add cooked ingredients into first bowl

Fold in until nicely coated

Then pour in 2nd bowl and fold.  Don't stir too much
Then put batter into your muffin pan (Don't forget to butter the holes first!).  I managed to fill up 2 of these and a half
Top them with a sprinkle of grated cheese

Put them into the oven

After 10 minutes or so, I took them out..

Doesn't look too bad!
Leave to cool

Released them from the muffin pans

They are sooo tiny and sooo cute.. hehe

Voila!  My mini muffins!

Taking a little nibble!  The top is crispy while the inside is soft and moist!
Now I wish I had made them tomorrow before I left.. but ohh well =)

Until next time..