Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burleskloppis 5.0 - Stockholm (Come say hi! =D )

If you are in Stockholm on the 28 April 2013, do pop over to the Burleskloppis (loppis = second hand/flea markets) which will be held at:

Eriksbergsgatan 8B
(nearest T-bana would be Östermalmstorg)
12:00 - 17:00

This will be my first market here in Stockholm and hopefully my first of many.  Truthfully be told, it was a tad expensive to get a table at this market.  500KR is quite a lot and I had to pay 50KR to have someone there with me.  Yep, for visitors, it's a 50KR entrance.  (It's a pity unlike London & Australia, there's no such thing as arts and craft markets... but loppis are massively popular here)

But there will be performance, gorgeous women dressed up in costumes, feathers, glitters, raffle tickets and lots more there.  So, do pop in over... and come say hi to me! =)

I have a range of items I will be showcasing from my collection.  I have been twitting and instagramming quite a few of them in the past few months..  There's great stuff for the burlesque girls, there's even goth headwear (spikes and studs) and also a range of bridal stuff! ;)  and there's a small pile of cheaper items for kids as well!

Sneak peek at some of my items available for that day!

Hope to catch you there!

May Oo