Sunday, April 28, 2013

Loppis... to do or not... but positive side.. My bridal range will bestocked at this little boutique in Stockholm!

Have to say, was a HUGE HUGE disappointment at the Burleskloppis today.  Firstly, my table placement was hidden from majority of people (hidden in a far away room).. and to top it off, my product lines were with 2nd hand sellers which had nothing to do with my products.

Was having a sinking feeling when we rocked up there at 10am to set up and was led to the farthest area.. and by 11am (an hour before the loppis was due to open), I already knew that's no way this will be a great day

           My lovely friend Sej was up at 6am on a Sunday to help me!  She was with me the whole day!

It's not like everyone there were 2nd hand sellers..  There were proper store owners there.  For the amount I paid, which was the same as everyone else in the main hall.. I would expect at least a reduction of fee to have us hidden in a small room, where traffic was less.. and when there were traffic, it was so crammed, and things were being bumped off my table and noone could move;The whole place was so stuffy I could hardly breathe and sometimes feeling so light headed..

Good on the organizer for wanting to maximize all the space so she could squeeze every penny from the sellers, but big boo to her for charging the sellers hidden in a closed, crammed up room the full price. At least warn us next time or refund us the money.

So, yep, majorly disappointed... Until I saw this!!.................

This gorgeous gorgeous boutique, Plezuro in Stockholm, which stocked unknown designer goods and on their updated blog, a sneak peak of some of my bridal items on their blog.

but best of all, a sneak peak of their photoshoot which they did today, on their blog!  My hats!!!!

I guess baby steps at a time.. baby steps...

Anyhow, wish me luck!!