Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh yeah, did I mentioned we got hitched just recently? Just last December...

It's been a long 2 years + and finally I've received my Permanent Residency here in Sweden.  If I had known how quickly I could have got it, we would have married straight away.. Well I would.. but, of course Mr S would have taken a lot more persuading...

Our wedding happened on a snowy blizzard like evening sometime in December..  It was cozy, as we only had around 20+ people.  A few people from London and Stockholm (no relatives from either side.  His parents were understandably upset, my parents were happy beyond relieve..  They couldn't understand why S still wouldn't marry their daughter after nearly 10 years of official dating =P ).  Was lovely how S's friends flew in through blizzard and all and managed to arrive in time for our ceremony and dinner.

I'll just show some pictures for the night.  I made the hat (which was french lace with hand sewn rhinestones on blocked buckram.  On top was white goose feathers which I've made into a flower with silver stems).  Dress was something we bought back in Hong Kong beginning of 2012.  It was supposed to be my registry dress for January 2012, which of course didn't happen.  So, it was just sitting in the wardrobe waiting for the right moment.  Photographs were taken by one of our friends, Natsuko, who was one of the guest at our wedding.  Thanks again Natsuko, eventhough you have completely disappeared from my group of friends ;(  and makeup was done by Julia, a lovely Korean girl, who have since disappeared from my group of friends as well... *sigh*  It's sad when that happens.  Hopefully we'll reconnect again one of these days.  Thankfully my other ladies friends are still around and I'm so blessed to still have them in my life here in Stockholm.

Our wedding ended up at F12 studio, which I blogged about before the wedding.  I think it was a toss between F12 or Vassa Eggen.  F12 won due to its cozy interior!

Managed to book a surprise overnight stay at Sheraton which was just across from the venue

Lovely Julia trying to transform me overnight, while on the right is Miss Althea, one of my closest friend here in Stockholm!

Some of the lovely ladies!  yep, all expats from Asia hahahaha!  From L-R Sej (Kiwi born Indian), Julia (S.Korean), Althea (Phillipines) & Shelah (Phillipines)  S asked if I found all the asian in Stockholm and befriended them.. hehe

Wedding vows etc with the lady who officiate our wedding.  Check out her cool shoes!!!

We had borrowed ring pillow (Thanks, Shelah) and our guest book with a bunch of pressies

Group shot on that night!

Lovely ladies!
Assortment of bread and cumin seeded sticks (which were sooo yummy!)

The food were delicious with different wines to accompany each meal.  I had to make do with non alcoholic drink as I couldn't drink..

Our savoury starter

Entree - Venison Tartare & oyster muscat pumpkins and chives

Soup - Jerusalem artichoke a La Creme apple & parsley

Main - Roe Deer with Red Wine (forest fed, almond potatoes, lemon & watercress)

Some sorbet to wash and cleanse our mouth before dessert

Dessert - White Coffee ice cream with meringue, cherries and chocolate

Our mixed berries with white chocolate wedding cake (which was provided by F12) and loads of chocolates with our tea & coffee

Sej and me (she caught my handmade bouquet!)

Until next time!