Saturday, January 26, 2013

30s and weighing up your choices.. single or attached?

I've always thought I would travel around the world, hopping from country to country, free as the wind and have no care for the world and a lover at every port.

On the other hand, I've always thought I'll be married by the time I reached 30 and have children by the time I'm 33.

Things never work out the way you plan it, no matter how hard you try to plan your future. Fantasy and reality are two very different things.

I'm also at the age where people around me are having children with their partners or divorcing or beginning new relationships with a new partner, children in tow.

I'm slightly envious of those who have children, those gorgeous and lovable creatures but then my toes will curl up in distaste when I see spoilt, badly behaved children and tired and disillusioned parents. Then I laughed silently at them but at the same time, feel slightly sad. For them or myself I'm never truly sure.

My single friends? They have either jobs or careers and footloose and fancy free. You ring them at anytime of the day and know they that they should be free to catchup for dinner or coffee or have getaways with just the girls. But then I know how truly lonely they usually are.

People with kids? Their timetable mostly consist around their children's - nap time, feeding time, cleaning time and play dates, followed soon by school and after school activities - from ballet to swimming and piano lessons. When do they even have time to take a breather?

Are you in your 30s? Which path are you heading on now and which path would you rather follow? Thoughts?