Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello Brisbane.. Whoops.. I mean.. Gold Coast!!...

I moved back to my parents on Sunday and it took me two whole days before I got restless and bored.

A friend once told me.."2 years in Brisbane seems like 5 years".. A bit harsh but not far from the truth.. ;) but I guess she's suffering from post London syndrome. Imagine living in New York and London, two of the busiest cities in the world.., and then moving back to good old Brisbane where things move so slowly..

To be fair, Brisbane is seriously one of the friendliest city in the world. This is one place where you can have a friendly chit chat with the check out chick at the local supermarket or the lady at the local pharmacy, where they are in no hurry to serve anyone else until they have asked about your day and before you know it, you would have told them about your family and the attics of your child or dog.. True story!! And they are genuinely interested to hear about your day..

It's good to be home... All I need to do is endure the maddening hot weather ( I'm turning a variety shades of brown, in patches actually as I keep forget to slip, slop, slap and getting burnt and peeling continuously!) ouch!!

In hindsight, today has to be funnest day so far as we went off to Gold Coast where we shopped nearly the whole day at Harbour Town with my Shopping Queen a.k.a. Junk Food Queen Extraordinaire, sister =) and then we spent a few hours at the beach, where I sat in the sand with my book and promptly fell asleep.

Here's to more fun during summer!

The beautiful Southport Broadwater Beach, where I sat under the shades and read a few pages of my 'Beautiful Creatures' book, watch my little niece swim in the sea with her unofficial 'manny'  and promptly fell asleep...

Harbour Town was great and I couldn't resist posting up some pictures of my haul!!  Seriously, with so much bargains happening, I'm surprised we even made it in time to the beach... although my niece was asking me when we will be going to the beach as we were shopping for nearly 3 hours... Whoops!

These were from Rubi - The left pair were $10 and the right pair were only $5!  $15 for 2 pairs of shoes!!  and they were quite comfy! 
These are from one of my favourite Australian PJs designer, Peter Alexander - L to R, The left playsuit originally retailed for $69.90 and I bought it for $23.40, Men's PJ top $3.60, Gloves $3.60 and cami and underwear set for $15!  Bargain no? =x

 Another of my all time favourite is definitely Alannah Hill where I used to spend most of my paycheck here.  I love her whimsical, girly clothing and accessories and every season her pieces can be mixed and matched and with cute names for each piece of dress, or camisole or cardigan, seriously who can resist??  The quality were not too bad when I first started buying (which was back in 2005/2006), where the clothing were Made in Australia and her footwear were Made in Spain... but over the years, like most companies, cutting cost and earning as much money as possible seems to be the norm.  Sadly, all the clothing range are now being churned out from China.. =(

Another change at the boutiques are the ladies.  The ladies of Alannah Hill were usually really glamourous , with bright red lipsticks and such, but now when visiting the boutiques (especially in Brisbane), some of the girls are really plain and girl next door (maybe it's just the Brisbane stores which Alannah opened just a few years ago).  Is it just me, but I do miss the old time glamour?

Anyhow, I digress!  My haul?

Top - My gorgeous sequined bolero (Saving Face) at $74 (rrp$249) and the lacey pink and black silk skirt (Can I hold You? skirt) $60 (rrp $299) and the skirt is made in Australia!  Whoops.. after all my whinging about Made in China clothing ;)

Couldn't resist putting down Kettle Chilli chips.. SERIOUSLY the best chips if you like your spicy chips!! Don't even bother trying any other flavour, this is the BOMB!!!  We can't get this anywhere else except in Australia!!  BOO!!  $3.99 per packet (it's getting more expensive each time =( )

Anyway, good night all and have a lovely week!!