Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking for some authentic Malaysian eat? Check out Papa Rich

When in Melbourne, around S's parents area, Glen Waverley, I still can't believe how much of a 'china town' this suburb has become.  There's asian everywhere, and not surprisingly, lots of asian restaurants/cafes have sprung up all over this area.

I was seriously spoilt for choice while walking up and down Kingsway, near Glen Waverley train station.  There's some old familiar places such as Rock Kung... but most eateries are new-ish.  So, guess where I ended?  PapaRich!  There seems to be a few of these popping all over Melbourne.

PapaRich Glen Waverley
92-94 Kingsway 
Glen WaverleyVIC3150

When I was there last week, I think it was their 2nd day of business.  I remembered the first day where the queue was ridiculously long!  This time it was quite packed but I was led to a table to be shared with this older chinese gentleman.  (There are seating inside and outside)

The waitress must be quite new (all the wait staff seem to be students) as when she dumped me at the table, my lunch companion looked disgruntled and unhappy.  I didn't mind sharing, but he wasn't too impressed as he wasn't asked if he wanted to share this table ;)

So, there I sat, just flipping through their menu waiting and waiting.  Then, I had to flag down a waiter to take down my menu, but what do you know - there's a procedure where you'll need to tick/write the number down of what you want to order on a piece of paper.  Thanks waitperson!

Hello uncle!!  He looked really unimpressed.  I wasn't going to put up a sneaky picture of him, but when he started slurping at his chicken drumstick and eating like he hasn't eaten for a week, I couldn't resist ;P

I ended up with assam laksa (which I thought was actually really good.  It has all the vital ingredients such as lettuce, pineapple chunks, mint leaves and prawn paste!! Har kor!  but unfortunately, is missing cucumber!).  The air bandung with grass jelly was good as it was made from crushed iced!  Just perfect for the crazy 30-40 degree celcius in Melbourne! "=)
Just for the above meal, it cost me $15.70, which I thought is really steep as I just came back from Singapore.  Good grief Melbourne, nothing is cheap here anymore!  But food is definitely quite good, hawkers style, minus the pricing ;)

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