Friday, January 11, 2013

Obaltan - Korean BBQ Cuisine, Brisbane

Coming back to Brisbane always mean watching lots of Korean Drama with mum.  From watching all the shows, I tend to salivate over the food they keep eating.  All those abundance of kim chi and their instant noodles!  *slurps!*  and of course Korean BBQ... *drools!*

I have to say, one of my favourite food is Korean BBQ, where you order different types of meat (pork, beef, chicken etc) and seafood and vegetables and put them onto the BBQ griller.  Then dip them in all assortments of sauces and savour them...  Unfortunately, you do tend to come out from the restaurant reeking of BBQ smoke.  Your hair, clothes.. so, my advise when visiting any Korean restaurants?  Wear your most shabbiest clothes unless you plan to wash all your clothes and you will need to wash your hair after as well.  Because those smoke is pretty potent, and even if you are just ordering normal individual meals, the smoke from the other diners' BBQ grills will seep into your every pore ;)

So, when meeting up with Miss Am for dinner(We have eaten our way nearly across the globe.. London, Greek Islands (Santorini, Crete etc), Singapore, Melbourne & Brisbane), I was jumping up and down determining I wanted Korean food, but unfortunately, she wasn't up to eating too much meat.. *frowns*  but any type of Korean food is still pretty good for me, as Korean food in Stockholm is so ridiculously priced, especially for dinner.

O Bal Tan - Korean BBQ Cuisine
91 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane QLD  4000
Opens 7 days a week from 11am - 1am

There's actually quite a few Korean restaurants popping all across town and we decided to try this new restaurant rather than frequent the regular Korean place just right next door.

The restaurant definitely looks slightly nicer than our regular joint and just as popular.

Assortment of Bachan that should always be free and kept replenished when you require.  Unfortunately, wasn't too impressed with these lot.  (broccoli?  That ain't very Korean, no??) I love my bean sprouts =P

I ordered spicy beef stew with potato noodles soup which comes with rice, while Miss Am ordered her usual kim chi and pork soup.  Both our dishes were $12 each

My soup is true to colour.  There's pulled beef, tofu, vegetables and potato noodles with lots and lots of chilli!

Seriously soooo full of flavour and soooo tasty!!  The soup was quite spicy though, hence eating with the rice will help soothe your burning tongue.  I was sitting on the throne straight after returning home =((( tee he he.. Too much info, no? ;)

Definitely would be coming back!

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