Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cheap Taiwanese food at Home Town Cafe, Sunnybank

Sunnybank sure has a lot of cheap asian eateries and this little cafe sure takes the cake.  I'm actually quite surprised that we have never ventured in here before.  Today, while doing our asian grocery near by, we happened to walk across and found this little place.  It's just inside the carpark, opposite Welcome grocery store.

Home Town
Shop 90d Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St Sunnybank 
SunnybankQLD 4109

Dad actually was quite excited as there were quite a variety of vegetarian dishes and I've always love eating Taiwanese food as I love the little side dishes in their meal set or mince meat on rice variation they have.

We were there about 4.45pm and we got a pretty limited menu but was advised we could order from their bigger menu after 5pm as their chef was having a break until 5pm ;)

The prices were really reasonable for food and drinks.  $3 for bubble tea!  The usual places were charging $4 - $4.50 and $3 for their ice blend dessert (which 3 of us got to share!) - pretty decent sized dishes and to top it all, the staff were really friendly!

I would have love to order their 'set meal' which consist of meat on rice, salad and soup... but unfortunately their soup is pork tripe in pickle soup.  Yuck!  Sorry, not too keen on internal organs..  Guess I'm not asian enough!

This was in the chef special - Taiwanese 3 cups chicken with rice ($9.20).  Looks totally different from the picture in their menu, but I think I prefer this version.  Love the soy egg, beancurd skin and veg side dish =)  Soup is chicken soup and quite tasty as well
Vegetarian red braised tofu with gravy and rice ($9.50) - I had this and love it!  Really tasty with loads of gravy.  The beancurd was deep fried and soft inside.
Definitely would love to come back here.  Generous serving!  I don't think I could taste the MSG, but parents said they were thirsty after their meal.  Just noticed that their vegetarian meal is more expensive than their set meal by 30 cents.  Weird??

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