Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Lemon Meringue Bake..

On Sunday, I decided to get off the couch and really make an effort to do a meetup here in Stockholm.  I've been lazing, moping around the house since I came, and only get dragged out when S drags me out.. *shame*..

Anyhow, we met up at this really lovely girl's place to bake a "Tarte au Citron Meringuee"..  She's french, can't you tell? ;)

There were 5 of us.  3 were from France, one's a local Swede (but still her background is from another place other than Sweden..), a Kiwi boy - the thorn among all the roses! (but a lovely one at that!) and of course moi.

I'll post the recipe up another time..

But here are a few pictures of our handiwork!! =)  These were taken on my iPhone 3, so, the images aren't very good.  I'll post more later from my proper camera..

Our handiwork!!

 There were 6 of us, hence so many little pies, in different shapes and sizes.. hehe

Slowly biting into my lemon meringue..

Nothing beats eating our hard earned labour, with a cuppa and great company!!

Sooo lemonie... yumm!!

Hope we all had a lovely weekend!  I had a fun filled one!  Had a steamboat on Saturday at our place, and Lemon Meringue bake on Sunday.  I'm off to London this week as well.  

Cheerios!! =D