Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dinners.. May's Chinese Style.. =P

Remember the breams we bought?  Well here's what happened to them:

Unfortunately, I had to made do with Kikkoman soy sauce, hence the sauce is quite dark in colour.  One word of advise, don't ever buy store bought soy sauce here in Stockholm, they taste totally different.  Go to your asian grocery and buy the asian brands you are familiar with!!

On another note, me gutting the fish!!  First time ever.  We forgot to tell the guy at the counter to scale and gut our fish... so, I ended up having to do the honours...  Never again!!  Ewwwww!!

 Seriously, WTF?!

Wait!!  There's more?!

Dinner for 2..

I was pretty pleased with it.. although the sauce was too dark..

I made roast pork a few weeks ago.  Again, first time ever..  I think it went pretty alright for the first time..

The skin was nice and crispy.. but I had to redo it, cos when I rubbed salt all over the skin, I didn't rub it thoroughly, and the skin was not turning crispy.. =(  so, I had to take it out and re-rub salt all over again...