Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy weekend.... or should I say weekends?...

Since arriving in Stockholm, everyday has been a blurr to me, and I've basically lost track of the days.  Weekdays became weekends, and weekends seem to continue forever.  Oh!  Except when Sean goes to work during the weekdays, but for me, everyday is a blurr.

I can't believe it's October already!!  and I haven't been doing anything!!  This weekend was pretty good though as we indulged ourselves again with more food.  I just love it when I don't have to cook! =D

Friday evening, we rocked up at 1900 for dinner:
Regeringsgatan 66 
111 39 Stockholm 08-20 60 10

I've only been here a couple of times, usually for drinks.  The 1900 restaurant is at the back, whilst you can chill-lax at the front in a bar environment.  There's also another pretty cool bar at the back, which exposes you to the outdoors.  I love it during summer as the cool night breeze comes in.  Not too much during the winter, but the heaters do help warm you up..

View from the restaurant looking out on to the street.  Pretty quiet Friday evening...

 Phew.. I see more people walking past.. =)  But it's still a quiet evening as payday was last week, and most people tend to be out in force when they get their pay!

Warm fresh bread to be sliced ourselves with salted butter.. Yum!

Butter fried halibut (fish) with summer vegetables, dill juice and potato cream with smoked halibut - SEK320

The side potato which came with it..

Mine was:  fillet of beef with foie gras terrine, pickled onions, cream and fried onion - SEK335.  I have to say the portion were quite tiny! but apparently they used to be a lot smaller, but they have increased the portion quite significantly.  Thankfully I wasn't that hungry, cos when my main came out, I was wondering what happened to the rest of it!

Fresh cloudberry, cloudberry ice cream, caramel and breadrumbs - SEK135.  Quite refreshing and lovely.  I had to say I gobbled it up =(

On Saturday, we took the train and bus heading out towards IKEA, but stopover at this shopping centre to check out Media Markt as I was trying to buy a sewing machine.... and I ended up with a pair of runners - down from SEK1500 to about SEK900..  I really hope I'll use it lots =P  but... we'll seriously see how much 'running' I'll be doing in them!!!

So, Sunday brunch, we decided to break-in my brand new shoes!!

My white legs are to the left!

White and orange.. Talk about eye catching! haha =)

and not even 15minutes of walking down the river, we came upon a place serving ALL YOU CAN EAT (and drink) brunch....  Oh dearie me...

Even waffles to boot!!  15 minutes of walking and all these indulging.. =(

Strand Restaurang..  We have to come back!  All you can eat really kicked ass.. for about SEK200 each!

Another shot of my shoes... Hopefully next weekend, I'll really really use them more =P

Have a lovely week!!