Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first unsupervised little fascinator.. hehe

Guess what???

Yes, I'm busy packing again...  For our trip to Bali this time, where I was hoping I could soak in a bit of sun, eat a bit of food (ok, a lot!) and have a lazy lazy time (I know, not really anything different from what I have been doing here in Stockholm, except the sun part!)

I've just checked iPhone's weather forecast and it shows thunderstorm all week in Bali.  Really?  Seriously?  But I really shouldn't trust it too much as it's not always accurate as it predicted clouds on Sunday in Stockholm and it turned out to be such a beautiful sunny Sunday!!

So, I've been throwing in dresses and such into my luggage.  Yay!  I'm leaving a little space for a few packets of mi goreng (that's my shopping list for Bali!!).  Sad I know, but I can't find them here and I'm DYING for them!!

Oh!  Before I forget, here's some pictures of what I have been up to.  I've managed to finish up my little hat for the wedding.  This is to match my red and white dress.  I wanted to add a 1/2 cream veil at the front, and S firmly told me, inappropriate no?  cos it's not my wedding.  Sheesh.  Spoiltsport =(

On another hand, I have to remember not to show anyone my unfinished product.  Made the mistake of showing my sister via Skype my unfinished hat and she was making fun of the feathers so badly, that I decided to trim it..  I'm not sure how it actually looks now.. hmmm..

Silk rose on top of Sinamay hat with wired straps as well as elastic.  Double secure.. It wouldn't blow away on a windy day ;) - Yes, I made the base.  It's all 100% handcrafted

The feathers at the top..  hmm..

3 two coloured roses.  They are all brooches as well as hair clip.  I've used about 2.5meter of ribbon for the top left and approx 1meter for the top right and 1.5meter for the bottom.  They are really thick and heavy.  They are all wired edged, so if they get squashed, you can always reposition the petals..

My handcrafted collection of brooches/hair clips.  Tee hee..

I didn't forget headbands as well.. So, here's one..  Simple and sweet I guess..

A bit of sparkles, and all discreetly stitched...

This is a bit of a mad hairband..  with a big ribbon and fluffy feathers and sparkles

Last four pictures aren't as good quality as I used the computer to take the pictures....  Please excuse my mugshots.. *blush*
This is the original feathers.. I actually quite like it..  What do you think?

Then I decided to trim it.  Not as dramatic anymore I guess.. *sigh*

That's how it sits on the head..

Opinions would be greatly welcome..  bad and good =)