Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Z Nation".. Another "Walking Dead" Zombies Apocalyptic series...

I'm not sure, looking around for more TV series to get into, I found Z nation, knowing no other zombie series will beat "walking dead" but out of curiously, I decided to watched the first episode and was pleasantly surprise that it's actually not as bad as I thought it'll be...  Quite enjoyed it somehow.

The story is quite similar but still different to the "Walking Dead", the characters are vaguely quite similar to the "Walking Dead" as well.  But Z Nation happened 3 years after (the characters are more seasoned by then and so are the zombies), and Walking Dead happened during the first year...

The first episode, I thought Hammond's the main character as he's the guy in charge throughout, transporting Murphy to California (who is the cure to the Zombies as he's been injected with some experimental drugs, bitten by loads of zombies and survived).  Murphy is annoying and selfish, basically not a very likable guy at all.  Pity he's the package that needs delivered.

Unfortunately, Hammond got knocked out pretty quick..  By a zombified baby no less =P (Truth be told, when the zombified baby started running amok, I thought of Chuckie and thought, ok, maybe this TV series is a bit stupid, but after the zombified baby has been put down, things were a lot better...)

Citizen Z, Garnett and Hammond (bye bye!)
There's also a Glenn & Maggie (Mack & Addy) in the group, Michonne (Warren, kick ass black woman of the group), a young Daryl (10k), Herschel (Doc) .. and of course Rick (Garnett)...  There's a few other characters as well - an asian chick with a past... and the nerdy guy from Road Trip (Citizen Z), stuck by himself in Antarctic with a dog.

Well, hello there!  (10k)

The group transporting Murphy (far right)
Walking dead is definitely more heart pumping and scarier, but I really am enjoying Z Nation as there's some comic relief in there as well.  This group might be trying to survive, but that hasn't stop them from having some fun while they are at it.

If you love apocalyptic and horror movies, definitely check it out.  It's now in its 5th episode.  Check it out, there's puppies and kittens headed your way!