Monday, September 15, 2014

Swedish election

Looks like a new government is now in power in Sweden since Sunday's election.  What really concerns me is how fast will they change their immigration policy...

I've never thought that Sweden is a racist country but there's always this undertone of their dislike for immigrants (usually the refugees).  But hey, I'm an immigrant too.  What will that hold for us? What about the hundred thousand of refugees that Sweden had taken over the years.  I've heard that the current government wants to cut immigration by 90%...  90%?  Seriously....

It's sad, after all these years, every country still has its undertone of racism no matter how much they deny it.  Living in Malaysia, Australia, London and now Stockholm, I can pretend that no such racism exist but there's not always the case.  The 'locals' are friendly with big smiles on their face, but if you live in each place long enough, you'll start noticing things, hearing things..

It's always the case of "They took our job".  "Unemployments are high"  "They get all these benefits - such as free housings, money just to attend SFI (Swedish for Immigrants)"

But seriously, without all these immigrants, who will now do the dirtiest jobs the 'locals' refuse to do as it pays 'too little' or it's 'too beneath' them.  Like one of the students at school was telling me just last week..  "Who will make our pizzas??"

I really don't see why people are upset the immigrants are working.  They are paying back tax.  But I have to say it annoys the crap out of me when I find out able, working immigrants who made full use of the generous health system here in Sweden pays nothing back while they are earning a substantial chunk of money outside of Sweden.  This aren't refugee either =P

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next few weeks and months..