Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finally.. Time to say goodbye to Sweden

Can't believe it's officially here.. It's autumn... And... We are finally leaving...

Walking around in the mostly empty apartment, I can't believe how an empty house echoes.. 2 weeks of mad packing (lots of procrastinating in between) and everything came to a dramatic conclusion yesterday.. 

The removalists came, packed and moved nearly everything away. Started with 4 people at 8 am but there were at least 6 of them by 4-5 pm.. Cue lots of fikas in between ;) but it's a lot of work!

We still have a few days left before we fly out, so, we are still enjoying the last few days of cold before the crazy humid weather greets us =)) (lots of cleaning today, unfortunately ;((( )

One thing I've learned from my stay here in Sweden? Enjoy life, enjoy the whole new experience living in a foreign country and making new friends... Ladies who moved because of their other halves?  Don't sit around and moan about the locals, the weather or how much they hate it here.. Before bitching or moaning about each other.  Embrace everything around you and learn to enjoy the positives.. Anything could happen in a few weeks or months from then..  

Life is complicated as it is, it's better to let go of bad vibes, backstabbing, fake so called friends who use you. I'll remember the good old times and the bad will just be a distant memory. Actions do speak louder than a few fakes 'oh darlings' or 'I miss her' utterings. 

Until then, hej då Sverige..