Friday, September 12, 2014

Visiting Stockholm

I have an ex work colleague from London coming over for a visit with her husband today... For over 2 weeks.  She's a lot older and thankfully does not have the insecurities of the younger crowds here I used to hang out with.  

Was a bit gobsmacked when she emailed me her flight details. We usually have visitors coming over for the weekend or perhaps 5 days maximum. (Not counting S's parents who were here over a month years ago... But that was different...)

Stockholm is a lovely city.. But 2 weeks? I'm not even sure what they can do for a week here, let alone 2 weeks... Can you?  

Had a gf over for a couple of nights from London a couple of weeks ago and I thought we managed to squeeze in most things within 2 days... Walking to and from the city, we manage to drag things out slightly longer..

Unfortunately, I'm in my hermit mode, which means I'm not too keen to socialise or going out at the moment as well.. ;( my finances is looking rather shocking as I haven't worked for over two months due to the summer holidays.

Boo! Dreading the coming winter.. End of October is coming up too slow for me.. 

Happy Friday! =)