Thursday, August 7, 2014

Malaysian Kopitiam in London - Momo'wich

Was in London in June and a friend took me over here for Lunch on Sunday.  It's usually not open on Sundays but apparently they were having a pop up Kopitiam on Sundays.

So, after building up an appetite by wandering around the nearby markets (Spitalsfield and Brick Lane), we wandered over to check this place out.  The story behind this is, my friend knows the uncle of the owner..  You know how close knit some Asian communities are..  Great networking.  "My nephew is opening an eatery, so, please support and check it outlah!"


75 Commercial Street Greater London, UK 
**  Free deliveries if over  £15 for certain areas of London

They have two branches and the one we went to was at Aldgate East.  I have to say, the prices were quite reasonable and the food were quite tasty.  You can takeaway or have them delivered as well.

Anyhow, here it is.  They had complimentary kaya toast for their popup Kopitiam on Sunday.. which were quite small in size... It's basically two pieces of bread, spread with kaya (coconut jam with sugar, coconut, milk and pandan) and butter, toasted, put together and cut into 4 pieces.  I've missed the taste of kaya, which is a stable breakfast diet of Malaysians and Singaporeans.. I'll happily eat them if they are free, but I'm not sure if I would pay  £3.50 for them

Complimentary Kaya toast.  Usually  £3.50..  
Let's not forget the teh tarik.  Another stable drink in Malaysia.  I ordered the iced version
Michael Jackson - Grass Jelly with Soy milk, syrup and ice cream 
Curry laksa (the works) - egg noodles & vermicelli with tofu, prawns, chicken and egg, bean sprouts, coriander & shallots -  £9.50
I had the Chicken Curry Laksa  £8.00
 The soup was definitely rich, spicy (just the way I like it!) and very tasty.  The servings were really big, but I managed to polished it all.  Originally I thought I was quite thirsty after eating it, but my friend said he had no such problems.  I could be imagining it as my thirst went away after a while.

Kopitiam atmosphere
Highlight when I was there?  A group of girls came in, each carrying blue plastic bags.  There were 4 of them.  I was fascinated as I wondered what they had in the bags.  Then, they took out their branded bags from the blue plastic bags... Then I realised it was drizzling outside ;p  No umbrellas for them, but their bags need to be protected ;)


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