Friday, August 15, 2014

Eating out in London

Been a bit busy lately with travels =)

Anyhow, just for fun.  Here are some pictures of food eating while I was in London last month!

The English Big Breakfast! - Hilton London Stansted Airport

Deep fried prawns cutlets udon - Roll Papa

Dinner @ Home!  Jack's humble abode... =D

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chinese sausages with asparagus

Pan fried dumplings
Chicken rice

Yum Cha in China Town - Century old egg & pork congee with prawn rice noodle

We usually eat this during Chinese New Year..  It's deep fried Chinese New Year sticky rice cake with yam and sweet potato

Buns stuffed with sticky rice

Deep fried prawns with mayo

Prawn Dumplings

Four Seasons in Bayswater is another place we frequent quite a lot when in London.  We love the roast duck here =)

Singaporean noodles - Trust a more western person to order this ;)

Kai Lan

Roast Duck

Sweet and sour soup

L to R:  Spicy eggplants, fried calamari, crispy skin pork & roast duck and beef strips

L'Eto Cafe is another place we love to frequent.  Large selection of cakes and some lovely refreshing teas

It was too hot for tea... We opted for cold drinks instead

Berries berries berries!

Lots of little cafes like this all over London

Of course, markets are another great place to shop for food

When you are tired walking all day, a pitstop at some random cafe is always good =)

or Waitross for the matter.. =)