Monday, January 27, 2014

Fair enough you have a kid, but please don't force that down my throat

Dear annoying mothers with child/ren,

Why do people with kids assume everyone else should have children?

Fair enough you have a kid but seriously, don't try to force the notion of 'I have a child, you should too' down my throat.

I really feel for us childless people out there, either by choice or just unable to conceive.

So please take a moment to think before starting conversations with 'when are you having a child?' Or worst still from the older generation 'you aren't getting any younger, shouldn't you start thinking about having a child?'

The next older person who starts this conversation with me will get a 'you aren't going to live forever, have you bought a coffin yet?' ;p

and to those smug mothers who have to deal with tantrum children, excuse me while I pack my bags for a weekend away in Europe.  I'll send you a postcard!