Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My surprised Birthday dinner at Brasserie Le Rouge, Stockholm

It's been over a month since I've updated, it's because I've been travelling..  From winter to summer.  Right now, I'm dying from the heat in Oz and sorting out all my photos I've taken for the last month or so.

So, here are some of them - This one is of  a surprised birthday dinner organised by my other half last month...   I didn't have a clue, and funny thing is, he knows how much I hate surprises but still he threw me one...  I'm not sure if I was angry or secretly pleased with him.. but please.. no more surprise parties.. cos next surprise party, I'll make sure I'll run out and never come back!

My friends were lovely, although I can't believe they managed to keep it a secret from me all these time!!  Was a lovely dinner at Brasserie Le Rouge (although the surprised birthday cake was spoilt due to the waiter announcing to me that "my surprise birthday cake is waiting to be served"... right!!  Thanks, waiter =)) ..  The presents are still sitting at home as I have had no time to sort them out due to all the travelling..

Brasserie Le Rouge
Brunnsgränd 2-4
Gamla Stan

Stick of butter and bread in a brown paper bag 
The chandelier hanging above our table

Entree:  Scallop
My lovely friends and their other half..  Miss S on the right is just a special case =P

We all have evil eyes for some reason ;(

The girls and I

Doing the pouts, but Miss S of course wants to be special =D

All the pictures were so blurrrry =(

Main:  Duck with brussel sprouts and vegs.  Duck were still pink in the middle.. yum yum

My presents section!

Dessert - Creme Brulee

Love my 'surprise' chocolate b'day cake..  even though it wasn't really in my 'name' ;)

Gamla Stan in December 2013... No snow!  What?!