Sunday, February 2, 2014

Road trip in Switzerland in December - First stop, Zurich!

Finally!  After nearly 2 months of constantly on the move from Europe to Australia, it's nice to finally be home, surrounded by my mess and just sit and ponder while the slush and mud happens outside.

Finally!  I have time to breathe and upload my photos from December.

Our holiday started again in December, just a day or so straight after my 'surprise' Birthday party.

This time we flew from Stockholm to Zurich and hired a car and did a road trip from Zurich - Basel - Berns - Geneva.  We stayed a night or two at each city and then we met up with 3 other people in Geneva airport and hired a driver to take us up to the French Alps, to Le Arcs, France where we spent a week snowboarding, all 12 of us!

From there, we caught a train from Geneva airport and travelled to Paris, spent a few nights there, caught a train into Bruges, spent New Year eve and New Year there + another night and then, train it to Brussels where we spent a couple of nights before catching the plane back to Stockholm.

Spent a couple of nights in Stockholm and then a mad rush for our 3 weeks in Australia.  Crazy innit?  All planned by my crazy other half =PP

Before I keep harping on about something else, let's talk about Switzerland!

It was actually quite fun as we travelled at our own pace and the main aim was for us to enjoy the Christmas markets in Switzerland as we heard the Christmas markets are really nice!  I love how S is so organised with organising all the hotels (which of course as per usual before every trip, he'll ask me to check to see which hotels we should stay at.. ;P  but of course we'll end up with him booking and organising everything!)  But it's good that we used a lot of points at Hilton, but this time we threw in a boutique hotel and Radisson Blu into the midst =)

We arrived into Zurich, early in the morning.  The weather was relatively warm

Looking outside from the Hilton Hotel Lounge, the world was misty outside...

The weather clears up considerably later in the day..
First stop was of course the Zurich market!

Where we found an impressive looking Swarovski Christmas tree
Dripping with all those crystals!  Which brings me to the Christmas song "What I want for Christmas...."

Windmill with large dolls twirling around in circles...

Lots of Christmas goodies being sold

The tree is definitely my most highlighted focal point in the market =)

Tourist looking lost..

Love all these little houses.. so Christmassy!!

All lighted and ready to come home with you

Of all things we bought from the market, we bought a samosa from this 'sour' seller.  Most sour puss and unfriendly guy =P

Wooden Christmassy decoration

Since it's our first day, we thought, hang off with the shopping and let's explore the city!

Off on the road we go...

Lots of tram lines...

Christmas markets lining the street

Even Santa made an appearance on his Christmas tram!

When the clock strikes, the little people come out and play =)

That sexy purple pants always make my heart beat slightly faster...

Be still my beating heart ;)

The city looks like any European city..  Big buildings.. dull and boring...

but seems to be a lot of wiring up in the air which puzzled me greatly...

But it does get prettier as the sunsets and the lights start coming on...

Bye bye sun....
Church with a rotating 'disco star ball' which we can't figure where it's coming from... but it was mesmerising

Ahh.. Christmas shop with full on lights and such!  What happens to them the rest of the year I wonder?

mMMMmM.... Chocolates....  Swiss Chocolates!

We even dropped into a shopping centre to have a browse around

Loving the shops window displays

Cobbled stones

Some interesting fashion here..  A bushy tail clip on for your belt hoop! 

well... inspired by the astronauts perhaps?

Hello from us! Xx  Honestly, it wasn't that cold.. We were just all rugged up! =)

Woohooo.. Hello gorgeous sunset!  I love how the sky is covered with purple, pink and blue ... and reflected in the waters...


Postcard perfect, no?!

Hello swan!  Taking an evening swim are we?

Street Lights which I nickname "Porcupine Meteor"

Pretty cool, hey?

All those wirings.. woohoo.. so pretty!   Like sparkling raindrops in the sky...  So Christmassy!

The whole street is all light up with beautiful shining Christmas trees everywhere (REAL tree! =D)

We even came back to the Christmas market to see the Swarovski Christmas tree all lighted up!

So pretty innit?