Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photography... What tickles your fancy? Selfies?

I've always been really keen on photography, especially food.  My interest perked when I was still in Melbourne and had my first good compact camera, a canon (of course!) which I first bought  in around 2004 or so (and upgraded every one or two years), and when I'm the one with my camera... aiming at food.. and usually at food.. Funny thing is I've always preferred to be behind the camera instead of in front and I still feel strongly towards that even till now.

It became a joke among my ex-work colleagues when I started photographing food, you should see all the eyes rolling! I don't think they understood my passion.  I love food you see, and people.. not so much.. ;)

From then, it gradually moved to scenery and sometimes people and when I moved to London in 2008, what better way than to aim my handy camera everywhere I went!  So many places to explore and so much food to discover!  Then I discovered SLR and boy!  Did it change my life.  My first and only SLR camera was purchased in 2009 and I think it's time for an upgrade!  I will have to start saving..

I still enjoy taking pictures.  Food, scenery, people, cats, dogs, still life more than moving objects, but I've learned to enjoy taking pictures of anything and everything.  Sometimes it takes me ages to get a perfect shot of something.  It's either one shot which takes 5 - 10 minutes or 10 - 20 shots of a single item in different positions.  I've even used over 400 - 600 shots in just a day!

I love how SLR cameras are now so cheap and people are making full use of it and everyone owns a SLR camera these days.  Best is how technology keeps improving and with smart phones, you don't really need to carry anymore cameras with you.

Which brings me to these questions:
*  What do you usually capture with your cameras/phones?

*  What do you hate most about pictures being posted online?

From what I can see from friends and aquaintances on Facebook and Instagram and what not, there's a lot of selfies.  I absolutely loathe selfies.  Fish lips are a must in all selfies and it's always the same pose.  They find the most flattering pose (or are they??) and stick with it, again and again and again.  Don't they just hate their own face by now?  Because I do! ;)

Another thing I can't stand are parents who can't stop taking pictures of their child or children either doing the most mundane or inappropriate things.  I get it, you have no life and your child is your only focus for now.  Yes you think your kid is cute, I get it, but do you really really need to take a picture of them doing the dump or picking their nose? Seriously?

Which again brings me back to selfies.  People who are pregnant and keep posting shots of themselves at week 16, week 17, week 18, week 19 etc etc etc .. Like seriously, we know you are pregnant and you are extremely happy with your pregnancy, but please spare a thought for those who are unable to have children or simply are not interested in seeing your weekly belly shots..  Frankly, I do not mind you posting pictures of belly shots, but once or twice is enough.  Not weekly shots, hey?

I'm pretty sure people get annoyed with my constant pictures of food just as much, but this is my whinging for today and hey, this is a place for me to dump my thoughts, right? =)

Until next time!