Monday, July 15, 2013

My weekend creation - a 1920s yellow felt hat!

I wasn't feeling too well last week and as I was still attending my daily Swedish classes and my 4 hour work a week and loads of catching up with fika, parties, lunches and what not, I was extremely sick come last weekend so I decided to stay home and rest..

and this is what I got up to!

A yellow felt hat with red ribbon around it.  Attached on the side is a large silk flower in red and silver bluish leaves.  I actually wanted to do something red, but realised I've already made 2 red felt hats for myself already, so, decided to play with another colour instead.  I hand blocked and hand sew everything.

My poor fingers are quite sore as I forgot to wear my thimble until they started to hurt a bit.  Whoops! I quite like it.  I actually made this for someone, but I'm thinking of keeping it for myself as I believe it's more suited to my style.. ;P  I think it's quite cute and whimsical.  What do you think?!  I really hope they like it.. if not, I'll definitely keep it! =)