Sunday, February 17, 2013

Singapore's Changi Airport

Now I understand why Changi airport has been voted the best in the world.

Arrived here in Singapore just past 1am and thankfully there's this Rainforest lounge which is opened to anyone. It's upstairs, just opposite the Emirate's lounge.

For 4 hours and for just around S$30, you get access to their lounge where the chairs are not that comfy (for trying to sleep)but still doable if you are just sitting around. You'll also receive a towel to have a shower, access to their food (a variety of drinks, instant noodle in cups, some hot food such as fried rice etc.. You get to charge your phone and of course free wi-fi. Which helps as eventhough wifi is free all over the airport, the signal is quite weak at this lounge.

Wandering around I saw their massage area too which cost separately. And I also found their sleeping cubicles which is extra of course. So so tempted to sleep in there for a few hours..

But overall pretty nifty!

And if you have luggage you don't want to lug around, check them at their storage area which is near Watson. It's manned and you just deposit your luggage there, pay and collect your slip. For 24 hours storage, it's only S$4.30!!!

Gonna have a catnap as I'll be off to the city later in the morning. I have basically nearly 20 hours to kill before my flight out!